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Mastering The Act Of Self Control The Easy Way | Personal Experience

This article explains deeply the meaning, importance and mastering the act of self control. I decided to look into this after going through the response I got from the question I asked about self control on my Facebook page last week. Even though most answers where quite related to self control and discipline, not all have the full or direct meaning of what self control fully entails. Most of the response I got were majorly focused on self motivation rather than self control. Mind you, this two terms are quite related but one triggers the other. You will get to know more about this as you read through this article.

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What is Self Control ?

Before looking deep into how to master self control, I will like to first explain self control as building a strong baseline that helps you stay motivated towards achieving your goal, no matter your condition or how you feel about it. This simply means been fully aware, and in control of your activities and ensuring you determine your action based on your thought, and not based on how you feel about it. For example, taking chocolates is sweet but as a diabetic patient looking to reduce the amount of blood sugar to a reasonable level, avoiding sugary items will be the right direction to go even when your body is interested in having them.

Difference between Self Control and Motivation

Looking at the definition of self control I gave above, you can simply understand that self control is the foundation on which motivation to do something is built. Self control helps you build that strong baseline or character to keep you motivated towards doing the right thing. This allows you to make more decisions based on your thought rather than your feelings.

6 Major Steps To Mastering The Act Of Self Control

Here are the major steps you need to master the act of self control and they include:

Focus on embracing change in identity

Act Of Self Control

The first step towards mastering self control is accepting a change in identity and that you are no longer that old you. For example, two smokers were offered cigarettes by a friend that just visited them. The first man declined the cigarette by saying ” he doesn’t want to smoke any longer, so he is not interested”. While the second man declined the cigarette by saying “he is not a smoker and so he is not interested”. Both men declined the cigarette using different responds which in return explains how they see themselves presently. While the first man accepted that he is a smoker but doesn’t want to smoke anymore, the second man fully declined been a smoker and this shows a clear change identity and full acceptance.

Create Reminders and Stick To Them

Act Of Self Control

The second step towards mastering self control is by creating reminders that continually reminds you of what your goal is and why you need to stay disciplined. When I was in college, I had difficulties reading my books, and this lead to me having serious problems with my studies and grades. One day, I decided to make change in my life and decided to start studying my books with the help of a time table I crafted out from that of my friend. I also placed a written note on my wall which clearly showed my major plans of having a better grade and what I am suppose to do daily. This served as a reminder to me and I kept on following this till I saw improvement. Reading and studying became part of me after few months of continuous same practice and my grades increased successfully.

Embrace The Discomfort and Pains

Act Of Self Control

A common problem we face during self control and discipline, is the pains and discomfort that comes with it. The right way to go about this is by first accepting that there must be pains and discomfort and you need to get use to it. A chubby person looking to gain muscles should be fully aware that there are pains and discomfort associated with lifting heavy weights, exercising at odd hours and also eating low fat foods. So been aware of this and continuously working hard to make improvement will definitely help you towards been successful.

Tackle the Fundamentals First

Most times we find our self focusing our discipline on the tougher areas without looking at the fundamentals. We are so interested in the end result that we forget we are humans working under the influence of different body metabolism. Our body and life should be the first area we channel our discipline. The kind of food we eat and our sleep should form the basis of our fundamentals and should be taken proper care of before going deep into other areas that needs focus.

Practice Meditation


Meditation plays a useful role in self control and discipline. Though most people might not find this interesting, and might not see any need to get involved in meditation, that doesn’t in any way reduces its importance. Meditation can help you improve your concentration and channeling of your mind to a particular task for a long time.

Practice Building Good Habits

good habits

As you keep learning and improving your self discipline, you should keep practicing building more good habits. This will help you stay on track and further improve in your self control and discipline.


If you find this article interesting, do your best to leave us with a positive note using the comment section below and also tell us about your plans to master self control and discipline your own way.

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