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Bad Morning Habits You Should Consider Stopping Immediately

Been successful in life starts from how you make your morning. Most successful men such as Warren buffet, Bill gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon musk have few things in common, and that is their morning habit. Mind you, I am not saying that emulating this habit will make you rich like this men, but you will notice significant progress in your daily life and activities.

Due to the high presence of technology advancement and high relationship between technology and human activities, there are lots of bad morning habits we have naturally adopted to ourselves without knowing. Some of which we did intentionally and others we did without clear observations. So in this article, I will be dishing out few bad habits you need to stop if you want to become successful in life.

8 Bad Morning Habits You Should Consider Stopping Immediately

Here is a list of some of the bad habits you should consider stopping if you want to be successful in life:

Going through your phone and media feeds

bad morning habits

This habit is common with most people and its actually a bad habit. Starting your day with your phone and social media feeds conditions your brain and body to keep doing same all the time and can serve as a waste of time because you will barely achieve anything from doing so. so when next you wake up in the morning, avoid holding your phone as the first thing you do in the morning.

Eating an unhealthy meal

bad morning habits

Another bad habit most people find themselves doing in the morning is eating an unhealthy meal. This can range from eating a heavy food or foods with high sugar concentration. You should be getting light food with low sugar as a morning meal. This will go a long way in keeping your body healthy.

Hitting the snooze button without taking any action


Hitting the snooze button is also a common activity with most people. When I was younger, I was fond of doing this same thing. This was a sign of weakness and acceptance of failure for the first morning test. I overcame this by making a strong decision to always get up at the first sound of the alarm and not to hit the snooze button without taking any further action.



Starting your day with complaints can easily send negative thoughts and impression into your mind and life. Most people are fond of complaining. They complaining about their bad lifestyle, why they couldn’t get what they need and so on. Complains can be very detrimental to your mindset and can strongly affect your day and activities.

Cleaning up your work area in the morning


Cleaning your work area in the morning is a bad habit. Your work area should be neat and ready a day before. Starting your day on a clean working environment, will help you start on a positive note and also help you effectively use your time for productive activities.

Planning your day


Though this depends on how you place your activity work flow, planning your day should be done on the previous day. But nevertheless, you can simply set out a little time to create and effect a to do list for the day. This will help you organize your day and place your activities based on priorities.

starting your day with a negative news

old newspaper

Starting your day on news platforms or social platforms like quora can expose you to variety of negative news. I am not saying you should stop visiting quora or any social platform, i am only saying you shouldn’t be doing that in the morning so you don’t expose your self to negative information.

Waking up at inconsistent times

Waking up at inconsistent times can have a negative effect on your body system. You should be consistent in your wake up time and avoid changing it. If you stick to waking up as early as 5 o’clock, your body will get use to it and this will further help you wake up without the help of alert systems.


If you find this article interesting, do your best to leave us with a positive note using the comment section below and also tell us about your plans to eliminate bad early morning habits your own way.

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