Best Art And Design Schools In India

Best Art And Design Schools In India – Art and Design is a upward field of study globally. From photography, visual arts, film-making, motion art to fashion and design, sculpture, glass art, and animation, all art forms are gaining concentration speedily. Art has also become a career option for many, as they chase and study different aspects of art to become professional arts or be a part of the enormous art industry. Art and Design courses are still significant despite the rising trends in technology. Most public and private institutions of education recommend art courses.

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In most Schools Art and humanity are used interchangeably. Humanities emphasizes more on human-focused disciplines while art is an all-inclusive field of study contiguous on language, history, writing, religion, theory, theatre, music.

Irrespective of how digital the globe has gone. Humanity and art are focused in all human cultures through the time. Their study can extend deeper intercultural understanding and lay the basis for a civically engaged life. They can also get ready to think significantly, act productively and succeed in a rapidly shifting world.

Designing has emerged as one of the most well-liked career options obtainable for interested students. They can cater to their inventive skills and employ them profoundly. However, designing does not occupy creativity merely. It encloses plenty of designing skills such as keen observational, technical knowledge, and dedication. With the rising demand for skilled designers in the marketplace, picking design as a professional option can provide you with a hopeful future.

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Due to the surge of interest for aesthetics, ‘N’ number of disciplines in design have much-admired attractiveness. Interior designing, fashion designing, textile designing, product designing, graphic designing are few of the obtainable options that grab the concentration of design aspirants. Many design colleges in India are presenting courses in the mentioned streams and applicants are registering in great numbers from all across the world.

Art and Design are separate ideas but share common mediums. Both art and design require a medium (stone, paint, electronic-screen) to become apparent. One can shape a piece of stone artistically and/or as a design.

India’s primeval tradition has been stirring hand in hand with the quick developments and innovations in a variety of fields in the nation. As a consequence, professional and inspired young artists/designers are demanded to look at and grab the various opportunities that cross their paths.

1. National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad

The National Institute of Design, Gujarat (NID ) is a countrywide design school in Ahmedabad with campuses in Gandhinagar and Bengaluru. The courses obtainable to join at different campuses of NID include Bachelor of Design (BDes), Graduate Diploma Program in Design (GDPD), Masters of Design (MDes), Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Design, Foundation Courses are UG courses and International Programs through Research and International workshops. A total of 100 seats for undergraduate studies and 285 seats for postgraduate courses are obtainable across all campuses of NID. A candidate with a bachelor’s degree of 3 or 4-year duration in any discipline or a full-time diploma for at least 4 years in Design/Fine Arts/Architecture/Applied Arts can apply for a postgraduate course.

The institute provides monetary assist to worthy candidates and underprivileged students. It also has an active assignment cell which arranges the interface link Industry and Institute annually. This arrangement leads to a immense position record annually. Top companies like Adidas, Adobe, Microsoft, and Oracle visit the institution and hire worthy candidates.

2. College of Arts, Delhi University

College of Art, New Delhi , founded in 1942 under the arts department of the Delhi College of Engineering now the Delhi Technological University (DTU), is an art college for superior training in Visual Art i.e. Creative and Applied Art, principal to the Bachelor of Fine Art Course and Postgraduate course of Master in Fine Art.under the Faculty of Music & Fine Art, University of Delhi , and run by Government of NCT Delhi . It is positioned on Tilak Marg, New Delhi . College of Art is an institution that emphasizes realistic work in the classroom or studio, arranged theory subjects and research in chosen fields. The faculty that direct and train the students include artists, painters, designers and sculptors of both national and international stature. Their expertise and experience in the modern world of fine arts augment the students with understanding in their individual fields of practice. The Annual Art Exhibition held by the college witnesses the endeavour to instruct the students on how to make the top of their lives. The cultural events performed during the exhibition include modern as well as conventional aspects of Fine Art.

3. Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay (IDC-IITB)

  Industrial Design Centre, IDC is one of the oldest design schools in India, founded in 1969 by the Government of India at the campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay . It provides a 4-year Bachelors program in design, an incorporated program (5-year B.Des + M.Des) and a 2-year Master of Design program in Industrial Design, Communication Design, Animation, Interaction Design and Mobility & Vehicle Design. The school also has a PhD program in Design.

IDC School of Design provides a conducive surroundings for research, academics, and mutual projects. Supported by outstanding research facilities, technical proficiency, and IIT Bombay’s academic diversity, the IDC School, has been concerned with diverse initiatives in all design areas. The possible innovation at IDC lies essentially in terms of solving real-world troubles. IDC provides manifold courses to opt from. It prepares students for a specialized world and opens up the doors for a dazzling future. Candidates who are competent the class 12th examination can be valid for the undergraduate programs. Whereas candidates with a germane bachelor’s degree can apply for a postgraduate course. Engrossed candidates can apply online or offline for admission and they are chosen on the basis of CEED score and individual interview.

4. Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University

Formerly Central Hindu College , is a collegiate central university located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh . It was established jointly in 1916 by the Maharaja of Darbhanga Rameshwar Singh , Madan Mohan Malaviya , Sunder Lal and British Theosophist and Home Rule League founder Annie Besant . With over 30,000 students living on campus, it is the biggest residential university in Asia. The School Faculty of Visual Arts is one of the principal institutions in Fine Arts. It offers Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts Courses and research programme in diverse expert areas. It has different branches of specialization, viz. Applied Arts, Plastic Arts, Painting. It attracts a substantial number of foreign students. The Faculty stresses on optimum communication with average art activities all over the country, organizes Art Fairs and Art Exhibitions quite frequently. Many alumnae of the Faculty are investment top positions as Designers, Painters, Sculptors, Textile Designers, etc. The Faculty has an Exhibition Hall where exposition of the paintings of reputed national and international painters and sculptors are detained. The teachers and students of the Faculty have participated in different national and international Art Exhibitions. The Faculty activity is to produce professionals with imaginative thinking who can play an affirmative role in society. Reputable alumni of the faculty who hold illustrious positions in fields of designing, painting and sculpting set a model on how the institution cultivates the personality creativity of the students that are aimed at bring a revolution in the society.

5. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Mumbai

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is an autonomous fashion design and technology institute, Head Office situated in New Delhi. NIFT was founded in 1986 under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. It was affirmed a statutory institute in 2006 and empowered to award its own degree by the NIFT Act of the Indian Parliament. It is measured as the top-notch fashion institute that provides a sparkling platform to students. NIFT currently has 17 campuses stretch across the nation. The first campus at New Delhi was founded in 1986. The campuses at Chennai,

Kolkata , Gandhinagar, Hyderabad , and Mumbai were set up in 1995, followed by the Bengaluru campus in 1997.

NIFT has its own entrance exam which needs to be qualified in order to pursue design courses. The entrance exam has parts like CAT (Creative Ability Test), GAT (General Ability Test) and a position based test. The institute has a name nation-wide which not only attracts the students but also the recruiting companies. It ensures a safe future of the students and helps in enhancing and cultivating skills necessary in the design industry.

6. The Faculty of Fine Arts of Maharaja Sayajirao

Previously Baroda College is a public university in the city of Vadodara/Baroda , in Gujarat state, India . Originally founded as a college in 1881, it became a university in 1949 after the sovereignty of the country. It was later renamed after its sponsor Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III , the former ruler of Baroda State .

The Faculty of Fine Arts of Maharaja Sayajirao University was founded in 1950 and focuses on rising the individuality of the students with understanding of both Indian and Western civilization and philosophies. The teachers attempt to provide concentration in accordance with each of the student’s individual imaginative and cognitive abilities as well as methods of expression. The department has its own specialised libraries, it arranges film shows and visits to exhibitions and museums invites honourable artists, holds constructive workshops and other inventive programmes. Its consistent mentoring aims at fostering the students to slot in their the best of comprehension and practices from cultures all over the globe and make receptive and perceptive individuals out of them.

7. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi

National Institute of Fashion Technology is an independent fashion design and technology institute, Head Office situated in New Delhi, India

The year of organization for NIFT, Delhi is 1986. It formerly began with just one fashion designing course. With time the institute gained fame and it became a trademark in itself. The institute is connected with the Ministry of Textiles and Government of India. It was also ranked as number 17 among the top fashion institutes of the globe. The institute offers B.Des and M.Des courses which are hugely accepted amongst students. NIFT, Delhi has an amazing post record and it is also one of the chief reasons behind its reputation.

8. Faculty of Fine Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia University

When the Faculty was established back in 1951, in the post-colonial situation of the nation, it was regarded as a vital study and train in arts and crafts which would assist in acquiring a deeper perception of life in the modern world. By integrating contemporary methods and techniques, tutoring is imparted. Commitment is conferred upon the expansion of an individual by bringing coherence the variety of both eastern and western traditions. Currently, the faculty comprises the departments of Applied Art, Sculpture, Painting, Art Education, Graphic Art and Art History and Appreciation. Amidst an atmosphere of discovery, creativity and exploration, the departments present a range of graduate and postgraduate programmes, including the country’s first and only Master’s degree in Art Education.

9. Pearl Academy, Mumbai

Pearl Academy is a private institution that was founded in 1993. It is situated in Mumbai, Jaipur, and Mumbai. The academy is tremendously accepted and has been considered as the best design institute in India by ASSOCHAM in 2017. The institute provides enough position and internship opportunities which aid in accelerating the career of the candidate. Companies like Walt Disney, Manish Malhotra, UCB, Myntra, and Yash Raj Films come to the campus for placement and hire students to labor for them.

10. Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts, University of Mysore

Mysore University founded the exclusive college that would intend to propagate the Fine Arts. The University of Fine Arts under the University of Mysore was founded in the year 1981 an academic institution majoring on performing arts. The college has a library with a well-catalogued compilation of about fifteen thousand books and journals, which serves among the most priceless libraries in the state that pertains to the visual arts.

As the pivot of fine arts actions in the University of Mysore, the college protects the wealthy, cultural heritage of Performing Arts. Academic courses obtainable include undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes in Visual Arts, namely Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Applied Arts, History of Arts and Photography and Photojournalism.

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