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Best High Schools in Canada Toronto

Best High Schools in Canada Toronto – Canada is popularly known for provision of favorable chances for youths to be groom in hygiene and protected environment in achieving global standard education. In many provinces and territories, High schools in Toronto commence from grades 9 to 12 aside from Quebec, which commerce from grade 7 to buy grade 11. Students are only qualify to go to the university after finishing their high school education at the age of 17 or 18.

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Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories controls and manage education, having an understanding of the impact of been the pacesetter in high quality education with modern facilities. With the assistance of the Council of Ministers of Education Canada, they formulate top policy rules and provide opportunities anchored by their provincial and territorial counterparts as evaluating standard. This initiative aids in providing standard and sustainable academic energy.

Toronto is a city with diverse cultures which encompasses over 100 kinds of ethnic groups. The mingling of immigrants with the locals is what built up these ethnic groups.

Statistics from QS for the Best Student Cities Ranking in 2018 confirm that Toronto ranks 13th in the line best cities to study in for overseas students. The effort for high academic excellence, standard lifestyle, and affordable fees in Toronto.

High-standard education, high academic performance by students

Canada possess one of the most firm history of student’s performance globally. This makes the city of Toronto to be a popular option for standard academic work. It has been believed that the most profiting way of preparing your child for university education is to enroll him or her in secondary school in Canada.

 Teenagers in Canada are rated among the best educated globally. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are responsible for evaluating and rating education sector globally. In recent updates, Canada was rated 6th position in reading, 12th position in math and 8th position in science. They are also the 2nd biggest rank of high academic completion globally.

When it has to do with academic performances, Canada recently is rated 3rd among 15 top nations in the globe. The standard of Canadian academic system is widely known as one of their biggest pillar. Reasons for this excellent performance is connected to the zealous attitude of teachers. Teachers in Canada pass through a one year intensive teachers training aside from their bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree. Teachers are also advised to be updating frequently through career and skill development.

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For oversea students, high schools in Canada provide high class education which is the greatest in the nation. Virtual lessons and lectures are offer by all high schools in Toronto to their students. In addition, these schools offer courses that aim to prepare high school students for college or university education.

Hence, below is the list of the best high schools in Toronto that offer quality education to international students:

List Of Best High Schools in Canada Toronto

1. The Great Lakes College of Toronto

The Great Lakes College of Toronto is a certified Private High School situated in downtown Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1978, the school has mentored and grown professional in educating international high school and post-secondary students within the past 40 years. The school is professionally known for training their students for enrollment into North American universities and colleges, as well as supporting students with the effort of learning English their next language. Grear Lake College of Toronto is recognized for “Personalized Education Program” the aim of meeting the diverse needs of all students.

Recently, universities in Canada, the United States and all over the globe have collected over 10,000 of Great Lake College of Toronto graduates. Approximately, over 90+% of graduates from Great Lakes College of Toronto have been admitted into other universities. Great Lake College of Toronto students has been constantly receiving Ontario and Canadian academic awards, even the university entrance scholarships. This excellent record of achievement displays the professional zeal and personalized passion that has become a trademark of The Great Lakes College of Toronto.

Great Lake College of Toronto in addition provide five student in-take times per academic year. That’s why the school has several semesters in academic calendar year. The authorized language of learning in the school is the English language.

The age ranges of the students are from 15 to 18 years. The tuition fee is C$20,150 per academic year.

2. MacKenzie Academy

MacKenzie Academy was established on the grounds of a conducive environment that all categories of students can be productive. The school believe in impacting not just academic knowledge but the character of success into student.

The school’s purpose is to render to students with a conducive academic surroundings that is interactive, immersive, and productive to their academic and personal upgrade.

The school carries along students in grades 9 through 12 by assisting them to build a firm standard for their educational careers. The school’s tuition fee is C$22,000 per academic year.

3. The York School

It was in 1965 that Barbara Goodwin-Zeibots founded The York School as a nursery school. But In 1978, the school included a toddler program with an elementary school. Their pioneer Grade 8 class completed their session and graduated in 1985. After then, the Senior School was established in 1995 with an additional extension of a Grade 9 class.

The York School is greatly recognized as an IB World School which was the first in Canada to provide all three levels of the International Baccalaureate Programme (Primary Years Programme K-5, Middle Years Programme 6-10 and Diploma Programme 11-12), otherwise called the IB Continuum.

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The school provides multiple outdoor academic programmes and excursions locally and globally. The York School also provides a programme for Grade 9 students called ICE (Integrated Canadian Experience), learning Canadian history, geography, civics and literature and understanding what it means to be Canadian. All Grade 9 students engaged in this educative programme must develop a documentary to display on their knowledge as the   year ends. The documentary is supervised by parents and educators.

The tuition fee at York School is C$33,000 per academic session.

4. Sunnybrook School

Sunnybrook School (SBS) is excellently rated along the top class high schools in Toronto for international students, a coeducational, private elementary school founded in 1952. Sunnybrook School provide Junior Kindergarten through Grade 6 with one class per grade.

The school has a history of been the first English speaking school in Canada to establish the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP). The school teaches its students lessons that are based on the IB principles of global effectiveness and citizenship. The age bracket of students in the school ranges from 4 to 12 years.

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Faculty management at Sunnybrook School recreates the curriculum annually in line with the scope of the IB PYP and with regards  to the rules and regulations of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Sunnybrook School teaches its students based on the IB principles of global effectiveness and citizenship.

School fee at Sunnybrook School is C$28,050 per academic session.

5. Columbia International College

Columbia International College is a private dormitory preparatory school in the Ainslie Wood environment of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The school has admitted students from over 70 nations as at 2012. The school also provide year-round enrollment. Columbia’s Student Development Office provide students with extracurricular programs on campus and around the environment. The school im addition has clubs and activities that relates to Leadership, Arts, Community Service, and Athletics.

6. St. Michael’s Choir School

St. Michael’s Choir School is a semi-private, Catholic, boys’ school, situated in the Garden District, in Downtown Toronto. St. Michael’s is managed by The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, and the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Academic admission at St. Michael’s is by application and screening, there is an expected education for the choral program. St. Michael’s emphasis in turning boys become men, even in their goal of getting the best educational productivity and the operation of sacred music.

St. Michael’s Choir School offers a complete academic programme just as the music programme, with every students getting engaged in both. Apart from the classroom responsibilities, students learn choral music, piano and music theory, with the choice of learning second instruments. St. Michael’s constantly has a upper record in the Fraser Institute report for both elementary and secondary schools. Between 2012 and 2013, the school’s secondary programme was offered a score of 9.9 out of 10, and rated 1st out of over 740 high schools ranked by the institute. The foundation programme ranked 9.9 out of 10 and was rated 1st out of obwr 3030 schools. Because of the choral activity responsibilities at St. Michael’s Choir School, enrollment is done by audition. Every students is expected to pass the qualitative responsibilities before been admitted into the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

6. Ursula Franklin Academy

Ursula Franklin Academy (UFA) is well known public high school situated in the High Park neighborhood of Midtown Toronto. It is very crucial to identify student registration at Ursula Franklin Academy is by admission and the student must be accepted by the school authority before enrollment. The admission is done in a progressive format because of the high respect the school earn in the society, the school are proudly enroll over 500 students annually.

Ursula Franklin Academy is a high quality educational entity among the lines of schools that belongs to the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), there is no restriction or specification concerning student staying close to the school environment in order to   attend this school. This means that student can enrolled irrespective of their location in the City of Toronto.

Ursula Franklin Academy as an institution prides itself on being a small community of learners, it is known for a school where science and technology are part of its liberal arts-focused curriculum. Teachers at Ursula Franklin use a rigorous curriculum and prioritize teaching students how to be independent learners.

Ursula Franklin, the founder of the school whose vision circle around assisting students to become responsible in many ways that can assist  support upliftment of democracy, social justice, and economic law.

7. Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute

The Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute is a public educational high school situated in Lytton Park, in North Toronto, the areas was before now known as suburb of Old Toronto. The school’s motto is “Amor Doctrinae Floreat” (Let the love of learning flourish).

Right from the inception of Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute’s, students, families, teachers, and staff have been active in perspective to develop and control a community and a hygiene atmosphere of educational excellence. The fact remains that Lawrence Park as a school is seriously active assisting students with concrete and diverse educational provision. A huge dimension of educational provision that renders guidelines to students be engaged in extracurricular activities that offers students with lots of educational privileges to grow and deploy leadership potentials.

8. North Toronto Collegiate Institute

North Toronto Collegiate Institute was established in 1912, the North Toronto Collegiate Institute is a public co-ed high school situated in North Toronto. The North Toronto Collegiate Institute has been spectacular seen reopening in 2010, it operates on a five-storey building that also partner the same space of environment with two large, high-rise condo towers. The negotiation the school has with the community permits the residents of the condo towers in particular and the community in general to operates on public spaces for this school when educational activities are not done.

The North Toronto Collegiate Institute is highly appreciated for being a well-behaved school with a high educational productivity rating. This institution has been exceptionally known for creating various community of learners while equipping students grow and deploy their innovative and strategic thinking skills.

The North Toronto Collegiate Institute’s has so far admitted over 1,200 students. Schooling in North Toronto Collegiate is done through admission.

9. Malvern Collegiate Institute

The Malvern Collegiate Institute maintains exact name as the neighborhood of Malvern situated in Scarborough, the school is situated in the geographic region which is called the Beaches in the East End of Toronto.

The Malvern Collegiate Institute is an excellent oriented public high school that have been known over the years for supporting educational and   extracurricular productivity , through clubs, sports, and leadership activity engagement. They are also super excited for holding a strong network   to the Beaches community and assisting students develop their inborn talents.

The Malvern Collegiate Institute provides Extended and Immersion French programme, in respond to a huge diversity of academic programs in the arts, with music and drama, business, technology, modern languages, English, geography, science, math, and many others.

10. Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

The Forest Hill Collegiate Institute is a well-respected public high school that is situated in Toronto’ toney, Forest Hill neighborhood. The Forest Hill Collegiate Institute are very proud to be highly recognized for rendering a protective and exciting academic environment that serves the various challenges that any of their student may encounter.

The Forest Hill Collegiate Institute are always excited and conscious of the fact that they have a hygiene atmosphere that enhances educational productivity by reason of caring teachers and staff that surrounds the school system with an extra care about student. Their teachers are committed to nurturing student to develop a learning habit and enjoy ‘Falcon Pride’.

To the pride of the school, among one of their popular students is Aubrey Graham (Drake), who owns a building facility in Forest Hill. Schooling at Forest Hill is done on getting registered and admitted.

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