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How to Get The Best Immigration Consultants For Canada


Immigration to Canada comes with a lot of hassles and stress which sometimes can also lead to pain and depression if the aim wasn’t achieved. The first step towards migrating to Canada is getting a reputable and reliable immigration consultant willing to help you achieve your Canada dream.

Due to how difficult things can get, getting a reliable immigration consultant can be very challenging and most times, most people fall into the wrong hands of either scammers or self-claimed professional immigration consultants that do not understand the basics and have the knowledge needed to migrate anyone to Canada.

However, the relationship held between both parties (the migrator and the immigration consultant) plays a crucial role towards the success of the immigration to Canada. Some consultants have a fixed working area they use as their office with a big name for the purpose of attracting people and end up not delivering in the service they are paid for.

To really achieve the best from this migration consultants, you need to understand some important facts about their operation which will help you save enough of your time and also your money. Migrating to Canada is not about been fast or rushing the process, it’s about taking enough time to analyze and actualize your decision in other to achieve success.

It’s advisable to stay away from this so called companies with big names, that are operated by employees with little or no interest of helping people migrate to Canada,rather, they are more interested in getting money from people for their personal benefit.  

Here are some important ideas to follow when searching for the right migration consultant for yourself and your family:

  1. Request from the consultant, a reliable and dedicated resource who will be meeting with you face to face and whenever you wish to meet with them.
  2. Also ensure that uploading of all your personal document should be done in your presence to avoid further miss ups which is highly common among this immigration consultants.
  3. Ensure that the email, username and password used on the Canadian immigration website should be yours and not that of the agents. This will enable you get firsthand information quick response and also for privacy reasons.
  4. Also ensure that you are present in person when all your application process is carried out.
  5. Also ensure you get a checklist from the immigration consulting agent on the right steps and documents needed for the migration processing

The below tips explains how a good consultant should look like:


  1. A good consultant must be fully authorized by the government and must have a reasonable amount of successful migration operations.
  2. A good consultant must have an expertise when it comes to dealing with immigration to Canada
  3. A good consultant must be very honest and loyal to his clients
  4. A good consultant must be willing and ready to put in more effort in understanding the needs of its client and also avoid giving false hope when there is none.
  5. A good consultant must retain his positive and balanced response towards its client even after getting the consultation fees from them.
  6. A good consultant must have legally assisted other people in travelling to canada
  7. Lastly, a good immigration consultant must have a reasonable travel experience in other to help other people travel.

Furthermore, for a better results and for the purpose of trust from these consulting agencies, they should be fully accredited by ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). The ICCRC is a regulatory body for all reliable Canada immigration Consultants.


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