Top 5 Best Lawyers in the world and What You Can Learn from Them

Best Lawyers in the world – In a career path that is fully comprised and characterized by success just by been part of it (from the high financial benefit to the type of high profile cases you will be exposed to), what does the real success ever look like?

To help you create a clear view of the type of lawyers you should be emulating, here is a complete list of the top six best lawyers you may likely be aware of or you should be willing to learn from. Who knows, one day you might become as great as them and you will be included in the list of best lawyers too.

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Harish Salve

Harish salve is the most expensive lawyer in India, he initial aspired to be an engineer as a young by but as life goes on, he ended up been a chartered accountant.  Currently, salve is now working as a senior advocate at the Indian bar and also a UK barrister with Blackstone chambers after he was admitted to the United Kingdom bar in 2013. Currently, he specializes in constitutional law, commercial and tax laws.

His key achievements:

In 1999-2002: he as a solicitor general of India. An office he was made to lay advices to the government.

In 2009: He was named the 18th most powerful person in India by the India today.

In 2015: Salve received the Padma bhushan, which is the third-highest civilian accolade.

His notable clients include companies such as TATA, Vodafone and a famous actor known as salman khan.

How to follow his path

To follow salves path, you mustn’t be a chattered account. To start, you can strive towards becoming a legal intern and read more about the legal internship. You will also need to develop your knowledge on commercial and tax laws.

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