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Lord Denning

Alfred Denning who is the son of a draper, survived a near death experience at birth to fight in World War 1, which was in between his studies as a student of mathematics at the University of Oxford. After that, he late became a teacher but, finding that boring, he returned bank to Oxford to study Jurisprudence which made him a barrister.

Alfred denning is also known as ‘people’s judge’, he passed away after his 100th birthday in the year 1999, which was 17 years after his last office as a Master of the Rolls.

His Key Achievements:

  • In 1944: he was one of the youngest judges to ever work in the High Court of Justice at the age of 45
  • In 1963: He was made the Head of inquiry into the Profumo Affair – where he professionally ruled that there were no sign of security leaks after the Secretary of State accepted having an affair
  • He Ruled that wives in divorce cases will be entitled to an equal share of the husband’s wealth
  • He made a judgment which paved a way for cheap transatlantic flights by allowing Sir Freddie Laker to equally compete with the British Airways

To follow Lord Denning’s path, you will need to study law at Oxford university.

To become a professional barrister, you will want to get a good work experience in criminal law at a good chamber in the form of mini-pupillages.

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