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Best Schools In Coventry United Kingdom

Best Schools In Coventry United Kingdom – Schools in the United Kingdom offer a wide education that expands further than the classroom. Autonomy, compassion, a sense of community, and communal skills are just a number of the factors that the teachers and staff assist their students achieve. When bearing in mind the collection of benefits that schools in the United Kingdom offer students, it is obvious that ranking them exclusively depend on their educational results does not offer a whole image of the true standings of every school.

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A nation in the British Isles, England is a world-respected hub for learning and the place of birth of the literary genius, William Shakespeare. It is abode to two of the world’s most excellent universities, Oxford University and the University of Cambridge. England is recognized for its outstanding institutions for knowledge, which proffer English-taught programs. Consequently, students from all over the world gain an easy shift when attending schools in England. Similarly, England is where the National Curriculum of England or the United Kingdom Curriculum started. This British nation in the United Kingdom has productively dominated countless milestones in education. Schools in England offer a growing home to students, both local and globally.

The System of Education in England

The education organization in England is one of the world’s best acknowledged formats of learning. In England, children are mandated to be in school by the time they turn five years old. They are granted Free State learning at this phase, which is called “reception”, and follows the United Kingdom EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) course. Upon conclusion of the reception phase, children sign up in Key Stage one, which is the first step of the British Curriculum. The curriculum is alienated into four stages, according to a student’s age: Key Stage one (for infants from age five to seven), Key Stage two (for juniors from age seven to eleven), Key Stage three (for ages eleven to fourteen), and Key Stage four (for ages fourteen to sixteen). Primary education consists of Key Stages one and two, whereas secondary education is divided into Key Stage three and Key Stage four. additional education, which is non-compulsory in England, is from age sixteen and above. Once students conclude the four key stages at age sixteen, they are mandated to take the GCSE examination or other Level one or two qualifications.

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Countless secondary schools in and around Coventry are professional colleges, such as Finham Park School, which is a mathematics and IT college, a teacher instruction school and the single school in Coventry to provide studying the International Baccalaureate, and Coventry Blue Coat Church of England School which has lately become a professional college of music, one of only a few in the nation. Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School emphasis is in languages. In 2006Bishop Ullathorne RC School became a professional college in humanities. Ernesford Grange Community Academy , in the south east, is a professional science college. Coundon Court School is a Technology College. Pattison College , a private school established in 1949, focusing in the performing arts. There is also Caludon Castle School, a commerce and enterprise school, which has been restructured over 2005 to 2007. Exhall Grange School and Science College is in the north of the city, although, its catchment region is north Warwickshire. There is also Cardinal Newman Catholic School and Community College and whitley academy.

Coventry is blessed with two universities; Coventry University is located on a modern city centre campus while the University of Warwick lies 3 1 ⁄ 2 miles (5.6 kilometres) to the south of the city centre. The University of Warwick is one of only five universities that was never ranked outside the top ten in terms of coaching excellence and research and is a member of the prestigious Russell Group .

1. Finham Park School

Finham Park School is a secondary school and 6th  form with academy category . It is located on Green Lane in Finham , Coventry , England.

Finham Park is a well-liked, victorious and exciting secondary comprehensive school of over 1,500 students, the school became an exceptional convertor to Academy status in August 2011 and is the pilot school in the ‘Finham Park Multi-Academy’ Trust in 2015. Presently oversubscribed, the school pulls a whole number of students all over the city.

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principles are constantly above national averages – a credit to the students, their families and the staff. A High-Performing School that received ‘World Class’ standing in 2015 and again in 2018 and also boast of National Support School and Leading Edge status.

Finham Park School has a significance system for awful behaviour and a incentive system for good growth and work in class. The “consequence” system gets worse punishments for the student misconduct; a C1 is a verbal caution, a C2 is a warning where your name gets written on the board, a C3 is a custody lasting 30 minutes, C4 is moved to a different classroom and a detention lasting one hour and a C5 is segregation.

2. Blue Coat Church of England School

The Blue Coat Church of England School is a professional secondary school and 6th form situated in Coventry, England. It is a Cross Of Nails school, with connections to schools all over the world. The Coventry Blue Coat Church of England School is now a professional Music, Maths and Science college, sponsored by the state, with educational status. The original Blue Coat school was established in 1714 as a school for girls and was situated close to Holy Trinity church in the city centre of Coventry, close to the ruins of St Mary’s Priory and Cathedral . The school, which is a professional music college has an eight-part choir, classically performing choral works extending from the early works of Thomas Tallis through Joseph Haydn’s Insanae et Vanae Curae to the current works of composers such as John Tavener . The choir visits cathedrals around the country yearly, where it sings services for the week when the resident choir is absent.

3. West Coventry Academy

West Coventry Academy is a co-educational secondary school and sixth form situated in the Tile Hill area of Coventry, West Midlands, England. In 1998 the school was granted professional Status as a Language College. A fresh logo was invented and the motto became “Enjoy, Achieve, Aspire. A modernized uniform followed in 2010 with a return to time-honored blazers.

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The school rise high to become one of the principal Language Colleges in the United Kingdom, in 2006  it won the European Language Award for its language immersion programme (CLIL): All students in Year seven were trained one of their subjects through a foreign language. The school also embarked on numerous projects with Warwick University on behalf of the Department of Education which assist in maintaining its national profile as a centre of distinction for language teaching and knowledge. West Coventry Academy provide GCSEs, BTECs and

Cambridge Nationals as programmes of study for pupils, while students in the 6th form have the alternative to study from a range of A-Levels and additional BTECs.

4. Woodlands Academy

Woodlands Academy (formerly The Woodlands School and Sports College) was a boys secondary school located in west Coventry in the West Midlands , England. In 2003, the school was granted a professional status as a Sports College, in sane here Woodlands School adopted a fresh scheme where all the pupils took their SATs and GCSEs a year early compared to most other secondary schools in England. In 2008 the percentage of pupils having five grade A*-C GCSEs rose from 36% in 2007 to 61.7%. This led to them being rated the 5th most flourishing widespread in the city. In August 2011, Woodlands School transformed to academy category and was renamed Woodlands Academy.

5. King Henry VIII School

King Henry VIII School is a coeducational self-governing school located in Coventry, England, made up of a senior school (ages 11–18) and related preparatory school (ages 3–11). The senior school has about 800 pupils (120 in each of years 7–11 and 100 in each year of the Sixth Form). The recent fees stand at £12,000 yearly, with bursaries and scholarships available.

Even though the school is Christian, cultural and religious mixtures are heavily engrained in the school’s philosophy. Pupils are also optimistic in taking part in extra-curricular actions including sports played at district, regional and national levels, music, drama, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, public speaking, chess and a number of supplementary academic societies. The school is managed by the Coventry School Foundation, a registered charity, and jointly administered with Bablake School under a common Board of Governors. The schools have joint planning such as a common entrance examination, shared astroturf pitches, and similar school uniforms, with a slide different in the style of tie and the badge on the blazer.

6. Hereward College

Hereward College is a national advanced education college with core empahasis in skills for autonomous living and service for young people with disabilities and additional needs. It is located on Tile Hill Lane, Tile Hill, Coventry , West Midlands, England and established in 1972. The college grants learners with a complete range of supplementary and exceptional needs, including physical disabilities , communication disorders and comprehension difficulties on both a day and residential basis. It has amenities for providing speech and language therapy , physiotherapy , occupational therapy , nursing support and independent learning sustainance.

7. Coventry Polytechnic

The Coventry Polytechnic College was founded in 2012, offering part-time specialized courses such as accounting, legal studies and marketing. In calculation, the college lately began providing undergraduate BA degrees that can be accomplished completely online. The major mission of the institute aspires to become an essential link in the chain of leading centers of technical and innovative education.

The college arranged numerous workshops, events for the students which make them firm. The college is having all the world class amenities for the pleasure of the students. The college is committed to grant human values with the best quality of higher teaching.

8. University of Warwick

University of Warwick public research university on the periphery of Coventry between the West Midlands and Warwickshire, England. It is structured into three faculties — Arts, Science Engineering and Medicine, and Social Sciences — within which there are thirty two departments. As of 2019, Warwick has around 26,531 full-time students and 2,492 academic and research staff.

In October 2018, Warwick had 26,531 students, with around two-fifths being postgraduates. About 43% of the student body comes from outside the United Kingdom and over 120 countries are identified on the campus.  The university has twenty nine academic departments and over forty research centers and institutes, in 3 faculties: Arts, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and Social Sciences. There were 2,492 academic and research staff in October 2018. In 2008 the university launched a novel prize, the Warwick Prize for Writing, worth £50,000. It is distinct as “an international cross-disciplinary award which will be given twice-yearly for an exceptional and significant piece of writing in the English language, in any genre or form, on a theme that will change with every award”. The inaugural winner of the award was Naomi Klein for her critically commended book Shock Doctrine.

9. Coventry University

Coventry University is a public research university in Coventry, England. The genesis of Coventry University can be track back to the origin of the Coventry School of Design in 1843.

In 2019, the school had more than 29,000 undergraduate and almost 6,000 postgraduate students; Coventry is the larger of the two universities in the city, the other being the University of Warwick. It is the United Kingdom’s best rising university and the nation’s 6th largest overall, being the 4th largest outside of London.

It has two primary campuses: one in the centre of Coventry where the greater part of its operations are situated, and one in Central London which emphases on business and management courses. Coventry also managed their other advanced education institutions CU Coventry, CU Scarborough and CU London, all of which advertise themselves as an “alternative to mainstream advanced education”.  Its 4 faculties, which comprises of schools and departments, run approximately 300 undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Across the university there are eleven research centers which focus in diverse fields, from transport to peace studies. In 2017, the university gained a Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework (THE). Coventry is a member of the University Alliance mission group.

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