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Best Schools In South Africa – Higher education and training has a dual compression of undergraduate and graduate degrees, plus bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. South Africa has in existences both public and private higher education institutes, also inclusive are universities, universities of technology, and comprehensive institutions. The universities provides foundational theoretically and research-oriented degrees; the other institutions targets at professional and vocational teaching and guidance.

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In respect to the platform of studying in English inside a multicultural environment, South Africa has numerous world-class schools of senior education that contain state-of-the-art study along with premium master’s degree programs. As rated by the 2012-2013 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, South Africa has successfully gain entry with three universities in the top four hundred universities globally.

Universities in South Africa:

South Africa has twenty three state sponsored higher education institutes that provide master’s degrees, with eleven universities, six universities of technology, and six comprehensive institutions. Private institutions are also in existences also, making a total of one hundred and fifteen (115).  Academic programs are provided in most educational disciplines, and master’s degrees in business administration, economics and finance are more than ever admired. International students are received and bring into play with equal application measures as South African citizens.

Post-Graduate Opportunities

Lots of multinational corporations function in South Africa, and alumnae with master’s degrees will come across several platforms of employment, even if they are South African citizens or expats. Production sectors that are presently rising comprise of automotive, information technology, communications, mining, banking and services. The gigantic mainstream of jobs is intense in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. To acquire a work permit, an international student must habitually first have job provisions for a place that cannot be occupied locally. On the other hand, students with skills in professional areas or exceedingly qualified experts in definite fields may be capable to attain work permits exclusive of a precise job offer.

1. University of the Free State

The University of the Free State is a multi campus public university in Bloemfontein, the capital of the Free State and the judicial capital of South Africa. It was first created and recognized as an institution of superior learning in 1904 as a tertiary segment of Grey College. University of the Free State is one of the ancient institutions of higher instruction in South Africa.  It became accessible in 1904 on the Bloemfontein Campus with a measly 6 students in the Humanities. In view of the fact, the institution has fully-grown to over thirty one thousand (31 000) students, extend transversely seven faculties over 3 campuses. In totaling to the origin campus, the university has a South Campus in Bloemfontein.

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This minor campus offered substitute access to higher academic for talented students who have not gotten the necessary marks in their final academic examinations. The lively Qwaqwa Campus in the Eastern Free State operates a rapidly-growing quantity of rural students from the urgent area and environmental provinces. The differences taking place at the university continue to incarcerate the mind of people all over the place, as well as the international media, and the emergent base of international universities. Inspiring excellence, Transforming lives are the objectives driving forces at the heart of the University of the Free State. Through the Human and Academic Projects, University of the Free State is a university that is internationally distinguished for human reconciliation and kindness as well as for distinction in academic accomplishment.

2. North-West University

The North-West University (NWU ) is a unrestricted research university positioned on 3 campuses in Potchefstroom , Mahikeng and Vanderbijlpark in South Africa. The head offices of the university are situated on the Potchefstroom campus. With its complex status, the North-West University became one of the prime universities in South Africa with the second biggest student population (full-time and distance schooling) in the countryside.

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The North-West University (NWU) is dedicated to operating as a unitary, incorporated, multi-campus university that allows world-wide competitive teaching and research all over the campuses. These core responsibilities are entangled with community commitment and modernization in the 8 faculties, which serve both distance and contact students.

3. University of the Western Cape

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) is a unrestricted university positioned in Bellville , a suburb of the City of Cape Town , South Africa.  University of the Western Cape is a research-rich setting. The educational staff is extremely qualified, with 50% holding doctorates. Majority departments cover graduate programmes, some with the biggest intake in the nation. There are numerous institutes and hubs with a well-built research importance. And there are noteworthy projects and programmes which portray on proficiency across departments and faculties. There are also combined fields between the University of the Western Cape and the universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch. About 20% of all students at University of the Western Cape are postgraduates.

Research at University of the Western Cape has an international weight. University of the Western Cape’s main network of international associates provides a current of students and famous scholars from other nations to augment the surroundings. A number of major projects are carried out in cooperation with associates abroad. Many Universities of the Western Cape scholars talks at international conferences and publish in internationally appreciated journals and books. And there is a well-built and rising relationship with institutions in other nations in Africa, Europe and North America, pointing to research partnerships, joint competence building, and a stream of postgraduate students to University of the Western Cape. In addition, University of the Western Cape Honours and Master’s graduates have gained a number of major international scholarships. They have finished well in doctoral programmes abroad.

4. University of KwaZulu-Natal

The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN ) is a university that has five campuses in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa . It was created on 1 January 2004 after the amalgamation between the University of Natal and the University of Durban-Westville. The university is comprises of four colleges, which are in turn made up of quite a few schools. Sometimes, a subdivision is broaden allover one or more of the university’s campuses. For instant, the Chemistry is in equally in the Pietermaritzburg and Westville campuses. In 2018 University of KwaZulu-Natal was rated 4th among all the universities in South Africa by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 6th by the QS World University Rankings. University of KwaZulu-Natal has traditionally had a extremely firm reputation in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and is rated 1st in the nation for physical sciences and engineering, 2nd for computer science, and 3rd for mathematics.  The university has also fashioned a number of famous entrepreneurs and innovators. It was rated first in Sub-Saharan Africa in Q4 2020 by the amount of venture capital funding augmented by Unicorn startups established by University of KwaZulu-Natal’s alumni.

5. University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is an Afropolitan international university with a characteristics of inclusion, a university that is developing lives and diversifying skilled specialists. A proudly South African university, fixed in the active and multicultural city of Johannesburg, showcasing the city’s energy and implementing its variety with equal enthusiasm.

At the University of Johannesburg “The Future. Reimagined” is not only a captivating phrase. The institution is taking the frontline in Africa in fourth Industrial Revolution thinking, reimagining the expectations in all disciplines.

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University of Johannesburg’s students, mentors, teachers and idea leaders are making a trademark divergent, not only in South Africa, but all  over the African nations and globally. With exposure to top-notch facilities, confirmed structures of sustain and award-winning educational staff, all targets are on feeding imaginations in a safe, equal opportune environment

As a treasured research institution the university is leading the new path of thought through a multi-disciplinary approach to practical answers that will make a real divergence, from assessing the impact of early childhood growth to the stimulating space of artificial intelligence, process automation and smart cities; to creating nanotechnology that can extract pollutants from water. The University of Johannesburg is conducting an experiment on the preservation of global resources through earth sciences; learn about our future by looking at our past.

 From occupational and conventional educational programmes to professionals and postgraduates, University of Johannesburg four campuses provide students an option of study programmes in 8 faculties: Art, Design and Architecture; Education; Health Sciences; Engineering and the Built Environment; Humanities; Science; and Law, as well as in the College of Business and Economics.

6. University of the Witwatersrand

University of the Witwatersrand is located in Johannesburg in South Africa, the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) provides over 3,600 undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes in English within: Science, Health Sciences, Humanities, Engineering and the Built Environment, Law, Commerce and Management

University of the Witwatersrands’ pledge to social justice has made it played a key role during historical events in South Africa, with lots Witwatersrand alumni becoming icons, both in the past and presently.

University of the Witwatersrand education constantly publish world-leading research work in the area of natural science, medical and health science, social science, humanities and engineering. University of the Witwatersrand is abode to 381 NRF-rated researchers and 400 award-winning researchers, who frequently donate new research in their areas and have a straight impact on policy and commerce.

University of the Witwatersrand has incorporated with institutions around the world including research sponsoring platforms for staff and students. University of the Witwatersrand is proudly cosmopolitan, with ten percent of its students are foreigners and 85 nationalities represented on campus from Africa and all over the globe. The University of the Witwatersrand Language School of provides English training to students who seek to advance their language skills, while Wits’ International Office partners with international students in all platform of the study cycle – extending from study visas to seeking a medical aid service supplier.

7. University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is a popular public research university situated in Cape Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The University of Cape Town (UCT) was established in 1829 as the South African College making it the oldest advanced learning institute in South Africa.  A lively student environment consisting of over 100 societies and clubs caters to different interests such as religion, politics, culture, society outreach and sport, prominently participating in national leagues such as, but not restricted to, the Varsity Cup.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is the highest-ranked African university in the QS World University Rankings, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities, and its Commerce, Law, and Medicine Faculties are frequently rated among the hundred best internationally. It is the only African member of the Global University Leaders Forum (GULF), within the World Economic Forum, which comprises twenty six of the world’s top universities. 5 alumni, staff members and researchers connected with The University of Cape Town (UCT) have won the Nobel Prize. As of March 2020, 35 The University of Cape Town staff members are A-rated NRF researchers (constituting 30% of the national total) and 88 staff members are members of the Academy of Sciences of South Africa

8. Rhodes University

Rhodes University is a respected public research university situated in Makhanda (Grahamstown) in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It is one of four universities in the province. Founded in 1904, Rhodes University is the province’s oldest university, and it is the 6th oldest South African university in constant functioning. Rhodes is a small university that has developed the distinction of having the best undergraduate pass and graduation rates in South Africa, exceptional postgraduate achievement rates, and the best research output per academic staff member. This is proof to the quality of students that Rhodes attracts and of education provision, and to the obligation of Rhodes staff to student growth and achievement. More than 7 000 students, 26% are postgraduates and 20% are international students from 40 nations all over the world, making Rhodes a energetic and cosmopolitan knowledge institution. Students are capable of undertaking an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the faculties of Humanities, Science, Commerce, Pharmacy, Law and Education. With the kindest academic staff to student ratio among South African universities, Rhodes students are guaranteed uncomplicated access to education and close supervision. The University enjoys dignity in its motto, Where Leaders Learn, and producing graduates who are knowledgeable intellectuals, skilled professionals, significant, caring and compassionate citizens who can add to economic and social growth and an equitable, just and democratic system.

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