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Learn How Coronavirus is Affecting Canada Immigration

Canada have also placed several adequate measures and restrictions to combat the spread of coronavirus disease in their country. The pandemic which has gotten to the heart of the United States of America, leaving behind shambles that have brought in serious concerns to other nations of the world, that are also fighting to combat and curtail the spread  of the same disease in their state.

These measures put in place by Canadian government have also affected the state of the immigration service in Canada and those that are seeking to migrate at this point would need to abide by this limitations and restrictions already in place.

Applications that are already under process will neither be refused nor returned. In some other countries visa processing center are still accepting applications as usual. But, their borders are temporary closed and foreigners aren’t allowed in yet.

There are no in person landing currently until further notice which simply means until the pandemic has been properly curtailed. People already present in Canada and living on a temporary visa are currently eligible to extend their stay in Canada.

Canada citizens showing coronavirus or any viral disease symptoms are currently not allowed to board the airplane to prevent further spread of the virus. These are just measure put in place by the Canada government to effectively curtail the spread of the deadly coronavirus.  

According to the information present on their website, visitors might not be allowed to travel to Canada even with valid visitor visa or any electronic travel authorization (eTA).

If you are exempt or in the United States, you will be allowed to travel to Canada if you’re coming only for essential purpose.

If you need to travel down to Canada, and you want to apply now, please note that there are few changes to the application process. Click here to  Find out how to come to Canada.

Keep following IRCC website for more updates.

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