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Is Getting a Canada Visa Easy or Difficult? Read This


Getting a valid Canada visa could seem difficult sometimes, this is because of the large amount of applications coming in daily and also several other factors which you should be taking into consideration when applying for a Canadian visa.

There are so many other factors that come into play when applying or getting approval for a Canadian visa and they include:

  1. Your country of origin or where you are applying from
  2. The kind of visa you are interested in
  3. Your records, which includes your background and criminal records.

Your country of origin or where you are applying from

Another major role player in Canada visa approval is the country of origin of the applicant. For example, if you are applying for a Canadian visa as an Australian or Australia citizen, you will be expected to provide an electronic travel authorization.

Your stay in Canada will be based on the validity of your passport and you will be expected to leave the country or renew your passport when it expires. Other countries too have their own requirements, while some countries will be given easier access to Canada, others will have a tough time getting a Canada visa because of the relationship between both countries and also the nature of the citizens present in those countries.


The kind of visa you are interested in


The nature of the type of visa you are interested in plays a major role in your success rate when applying for a Canadian visa. For example, getting a Canadian tourist visa can be very easy and direct. All you need to do is, apply for the visa in a Canadian embassy around your country and also provide all the necessary documents required to qualify you for the visa. Some of the necessary requirements for a Canadian visa include:

  1. You must have enough resources to cater for your stay over there during your tourism period
  2. You must provide a valid proof that you will be returning back to your country after your tourism period.

Another type of visa you can apply for is the work visa that permits you to live and work in Canada for a particular working period or as long as your contract is still valid, mostly for a period of 3-4 years and can be renewed sometimes. Getting this visa requires the applicant to get an authorized LMIA approved job from a Canadian based employer. If approved, the applicant can simply proceed to the Canadian embassy to apply for a work permit.

Different kinds of visas come with their own procedures attached to it. Getting a Canadian Permanent Residency visa has its own stress and necessary requirements. But, the fastest and most popular way of getting a Canadian permanent resident visa is through the Canada’s Express System. The validity for any of this different type of visa varies from type to type.

Your records, which includes your background and criminal records.

 Another valid option that can deter or speed up your Canada visa approval is your background records which include your criminal records, health records, educational records, work experience etc. Please understand that persons with a bad criminal record will find it very difficult to get visa approvals to any country. Also, if you have health related issues with diseases that are highly infectious, you might as well have difficulties in getting visa for another country.

If you have issues with cold environment, you might encounter a hard time in canada due to the cold weather present in Canada and this can alter your chances of getting visa. Lastly having a good educational record and working experience will increase your chances of getting visa for countries like Canada.


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