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Get Your Canadian Passport Using These 5 Simple Steps


Get Your Canadian Passport Using These 5 Simple Steps – First we want to say a a big congratulations to you for becoming a Canadian citizen. We fully understand how difficult/uneasy it can be, getting to this stage but if you reflect on the importance of why you need to be a Canadian citizen, I am sure we both agree that the stress worth’s it. With that aside, we feel its important you know that you will be needing your Canadian passport anytime you are returning back to Canada from a foreign country. if you have dual citizenship, and you need to travel back to Canada immediately, you may need to apply for authorization.

Please note that you will be allowed to apply for a Canadian passport if you are a Canadian citizen of the age 16 years and above. Parents or guardians can also apply for their little children. Using this article, we will be giving you detailed information on how you can apply for your Canadian passport immediately.

Canadian Passport

Follow These Steps To Apply For Your Canadian Passport Immediately

  • Download and Fill out the online application form. Ensure you sign each page of this form as required on the form.
  • Get all the required documents including your passport photo ready. Some of the documents you will be needing for this process includes:
    • The filled online application form
    • The original proof of of your Canadian citizenship
    • A government issued means of identification
    • Two passport photographs.

In an event where you have altered your name, omitted your place of birth on your passport or had a change of sex, you might be required to provide additional documents. Have it in mind that the above documents should be in English or French Language.

  • The third step involves you getting a guarantor and two references to enable the IRCC confirm your identity, and also be able to reach you when your application is under review. Have it in mind that you cant use anyone as a guarantor for this process. Some important criteria’s needed from you guarantor includes:
    • Must be a Canadian citizen of 18years or above
    • Must have known you for two years or above
    • Members of your family or anyone living in your address will be accepted.
    • Must have a recognized and valid government issued Canadian passport.

Please note that your references should also share the same requirement with the guarantor but should not be a family member. This simply means that your reference should not be your family member but should meet with all the requirements listed above for the guarantor.

  • Submission of application and payment of fees. You can submit your application in person or via mail. You can also have it picked up but this will cause you additional fees. If you want your passport faster, you can expedite the process at an additional cost. Fees for passport are shown below. Please have it in mind that this is subject to change in future.

Adult passport valid for 5years – $120

Adult passport valid for 10years – $160


Child Passport for 0 – 15 years – $57


If you are sending the document by mail, then you might need the below address

Address if sending by mail:
Government of Canada
Passport program
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0G3

  • The final step is receiving your passport. You can receive your passport via mail or in person. All important original documents initially submitted will be returned back to you, so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Are you interested in moving to Canada or you want to start your Canadian passport application process? Visit the official website to start. Good luck !!!


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