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Living in UK is quite different from what the regular foreign person is thinking of or expecting it to be like. Most people immigrate to the UK in search for greener pasture or a better living and lifestyle. Most times what they meet over there in United Kingdom is not what they plan for and expect it to be like. It’s very much important you make proper research about the living and lifestyle of people in United Kingdom before making a move down there.

This article is aimed at explaining some of the important things you need to know about living in UK and how you can go about it.

After getting a UK visa, the next step you should be seeking for is an accommodation in United kingdom and some of the areas you can look at is working with an estate agent or a letting agent or you can as well check foreign newspapers for available homes for sale or rent which are most times sponsored by the same estate and letting agents.

You can get a low priced apartment or home for rent or sale. Be aware that small private landlords in uk can be very eccentric and the private home sales can leave you with problems you weren’t aware of at the initial stage.

Estate agents in the United Kingdom include those in Bairstow Eves and Savills, while letting agents are majorly in Belvoir and Reeds Rains.

33% of the households in Britain are actually on rent, so if you are interested in renting then you are in a good company. The normal process involves paying the monthly rent fee and the damage deposit fee which is also similar in cost. Agent fees are also included with can be as much as 200pounds for each name present on the rental agreement, you can really pay as much as 1500 pounds to 2000 pounds before you will be given your keys.

However it’s good to know that tenants have a very good legal protection in the United Kingdom and the rent over there is quite cheaper compared to other places and countries. In London for example, more rents and mortage are been paid compared to other part of the country and as a guide, the farer you are from London, the cheaper the rental and property cost.

Renting a 3-bedroom flat anywhere in Bloomsbury, one of London’s most expensive areas, is priced at an average £3, 400 per month – which is about four times the main national average of £745 a month.

If you need a property in while living in UK and you intend buying one, the British process is relatively different from the usual. It’s still a long and most times complex process but it’s not filled with legal impediments as that of other countries. There is no need for any mandatory involvement or any public or legal bonding process. The normal procedure is to have the property properly surveyed before signing any binding agreement or contract. After checking the property properly and you are fully okay with it, your solicitor and that of the vendor will have to exchange contracts and your authorization will be needed. At that point, a deposit will be required which is usually less than 5% of the main price and a settlement date for the balance which comes from a mortgage with a known bank or building in the society.

Driving in the UK

If you decide to move to Britain with a foreign driver’s license, you will be given a year to get a British one. During this period, you can drive with your overseas license. For most new arrivals, the British drive test is stringent and it’s also based on transmission: if you are interested in driving a stick-shift car you will be needing training on such and also pass a test in one.

Having a Bank Account in UK

A major problem expatriate’s face most times in Britain is the relatively process involved in setting up a bank account. You will be needing a proof of address an also a valid proof of identity, so your passport and driver’s license won’t be enough for identification. This becomes an issue when you have no permanent place of residence yet. Most banks in UK are willing to help you out in such situation and other banks do not require such information and process.

Education in the UK

The United Kingdom school system is baffling to immigrants. Public schools in UK are majorly seen as private schools and also there are also private schools, private schools, state schools, and academics. Public schools are so-called because at the initials, when they were started, they were seen and compared to church schools.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a state school in Britain, you will need to apply to the organization in charge of the school.

Getting into a private school you get to contact the school itself, if it’s an academy then you will be contacting the academy and if it’s the state school then you will be needing the local education authority. Which means you will need to find the local council online and send the right mails to them. You have to repeat same process at each stage of the schooling process.

American experts have made it clear that the UK is more different than expected. The metric system in use which controls on appliances that are laid out differently just like other foreign countries, there is a different rules guiding the dos and don’t that doesn’t correlate with what you might grow up with. Taking things slowly and getting the major areas of your life under proper control and meeting with the people from the new country will give you a better route into the life in Britain.

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