Effect Of Coronavirus On Australian Immigration Service

Australia which is one of the greatest nations attracting lots of immigrant yearly has seen a dip fall and a break to its immigration program due to the presence and rise in the number of people affected by the noble coronavirus. This has forced the country into modifying and implement strict measures to help curtail this virus and also to protect the lives of its citizens.

At this time, there are no news from the Australian immigration department about changes concerning the immigration of foreign persons into Australia.

However, due to the implementation of social distancing rules, the workers and officer owners are expected to change their working principles to fit into the social distancing effects.

Although, the visa processing aspect is somehow moot even where the non-essential staff and families are been pulled out. These staffs will still be allowed, after the quarantine period, to carry out their duties remotely as far as the visa processing is in play.

However, flights into Australia are already suspended unless persons coming in are on essential duties.

The Australian Government has sealed country as follows –

  • Applying travel restrictions to prevent visitors from high health risk countries.
  • Continuing to properly screen travelers that arrive into Australia.
  • Continuous and improved border surveillance.
  • Applying immediate and enhanced border measures at the international air ports and sea ports, which includes using announcements and signs.

The preventive measures put in place are as follows –

  • No one is allowed to fly to high risk countries with corona outbreak.
  • If you are sick then do not travel down to Australia.
  • Ensure you have a good hygiene environment near you.
  • Do all your important office works from your home.

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