Top 10 Free Email Marketing Templates For Small Local Businesses

Email marketing is one of the proven and effective ways of driving targeted visitors to your website and local business. With email marketing, small businesses can easily scale up by retaining their customers and constantly inform them about new products and services via emails.

According to the founder of kissmetrics Neilpatel, there are four to five times more email accounts than Facebook and twitter accounts combined. Even though email marketing has been in existence for long, there are more advance practices that have scaled up the results and performance gotten from email marketing.

Here on develoferd, we use email marketing as one of our top notch practice of gaining and retaining our visitors. This method has really helped us in skyrocketing the amount of visitors coming to our website on monthly basis. Another method we use in driving traffic to our website is social media like Facebook, but to retain this visitors and keep them coming back, we trap them in an email list which allows us easily engage with them regularly.

Analysis gotten from campaign monitor, shows that the open rate for most email marketing campaigns is withing 30%-40%. This simply shows that there are higher chances of your emails been seen and read than on social media. Looking at the click through rate, the click through rate for email marketing is around 5% while that of social media is 1%-2% due to lots of distractions present on social media.

While structuring an email marketing campaign, the first thing that comes into ones mind is the email marketing template to be used and its cost. if you think beautiful and well designed email marketing templates are too expensive, then you might need to have a rethink after looking at this below examples.

List of Free Email Marketing Template Sources

  1. Mailchimp

The number one on our list is mailchimp. This email marketing company allows users to send close to 12,000 emails a month to about 2000 email subscribers. The email analytics tool you can find on the free plan is limited but contains easy and editable drag and drop email marketing templates features which can be used to customize beautiful email marketing templates.

Email Marketing Templates

2. Zoho

The second on our list is zoho campaigns offered by zoho. On its free plan, users are allowed to send up to 12,000 emails to only 2000 subscribers for free in a month. There are also hundreds of customized template with beautiful features.

Email Marketing Templates

3. Benchmark

With benchmark campaign free starter plan, users can easily send close to 14,000 emails to 2000 users monthly. Their free plan is limited and do not include A/B testing feature, automation feature and targeting.

benchmark email campaign

4. Mailjet

With Mailjet free plan, users can send six thousand mails monthly with daily limit of 200 per day with additional advanced statistics feature.

mailjet email campaign

5. Freshmail

The freshmail campaign offers beautiful and well designed email templates which can be further customized and used to send mails to over 500 users for free. This tool also has a mobile application that allows users edit campaigns on the go.

freshmail email campaign

6. Cakemail

On cakemail, there are lots of free downloadable email campaign templates for you to download and edit for free using the cakemail email template editor.

cakemail email campaign

7. Zurb

Zurb contains responsive and customized email marketing templates. The free email campaigns available on zurb allows users to send more than 50 emails to subscribers daily.

Email Marketing Template

8. Email Out

Email Out offers users free 12,500 emails to send to only 2500 email subscribers monthly. There also lots of downloadable email templates you can get on zurb and edit them with the knowledge of HTML.

Email Marketing Template

9. Email Octopus

Email octopus has a free plan that allows its users to send unlimited emails to only 2500 subscribers only. Users have free access to multiple free email templates for experiments and can also send mails using different email addresses. This free email service does not include automation’s, so if you intend having automation’s in your email campaign you should consider signing up for the paid plan.

Email Marketing Template

10. Litmus

Lithmus requires a paid subscription to make use of their email builder and the support system. They offer some amount of email templates for starters with HTML coding experience. You can also get free customized email templates directly from their website.

litmus email campaign

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