How architects can immigrate to United States In 2021

Welcome to our article on how architects can immigrate to United States. This article contains all you need to know about immigrating to United States as an architect and how you can start the immigration process immediately. If you are an architect interested in moving down to United States, we highly recommend you read down this article to the last for a better understanding of the visa and immigration process.

Let me say this to you. You are indeed lucky! This is because, the United States considers architects as part of those with skills and are allowed to apply for skilled work visas. This visa allows foreign nationals with skills, immigrate to the United States without much hassle.

Job Description For Architects

As an architect, you will be charged with the responsibilities of designing building structures for your client. You will also be charged with restoring and conserving old buildings and also remodeling them into new structures. As an architect, you will be involved in the planning of the structure from the earlier stage down to the final completion. Yearly salary range from 30,000 to 50,000USD.

Requirements for immigration to United States as an architect

The first step towards immigrating to United States as an architect is attaining a degree in architecture. You also need to participate in the architectural internship and experience program and also pass the architect registration examination. There might be some additional requirement from the state you intend working in United States. You can confirm from your immigration lawyer.

Immigration Process to move to United States as an Architect

  • Hire an immigration lawyer: The first and highly recommend process to immigrate to the United States is through an immigration lawyer. This is because, there are lots of documents and requirements to be submitted and the immigration lawyer will help you achieve this without much hassle.
  • Determine the state you will reside: Like we said earlier, each states in United States have their own requirement to practice architecture in the state. So you have to determine the state you will like to work in so as to determine the requirements needed to practice architecture in the state.
  • Pass the architectural exam of the state: The last step is passing the architectural exam for the state you want to practice architecture in.

Visa options for Architects immigrating to United States

Here are some visa options available to architects interested in immigrating to the United States

Treaty Visas: The treaty visa is designed to allow nationals of certain international countries to immigrate to United States using the program. For example, nationals from Canada and Mexico can apply for the TN Visa, nationals from Australia can apply for E-3 visa, nationals from Singapore and Chile can apply for H-1B1 Visa. Other countries can apply for E-1 and E-2 visa.

Extraordinary Ability Visa:   This visa option is available to people that have demonstrated extraordinary ability in their field. To migrate to the United States using this option, you need to have an exceptional experience in the field of law. 

Permanent resident:  The permanent resident allows foreign nationals stay in the United States for a very long period of time. There are several options available on the permanent resident program which you can check and decide on the option that best suits you.

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