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How To Apply For Canada Work Visa From Tunisia


How To Apply For Canada Work Visa From Tunisia – Working in Canada is very interesting as you stand to benefit a lot of things from living and working in the country. Canada offers you a better work environment with a good standard of living and low cost of living. This is why many nationals of different countries around the world are trooping into Canada to enjoy the perks the country has to offer.

In addition to this, the country is very welcoming and has welcomed a lot of immigrants from Africa and Tunisia is one of them. Tunisians are known to immigrate to Spain, Italy, or France but at the moment Canada is the best pick for many Tunisians as the country has a sound educational system at affordable cost and also job opportunities for immigrants too.

The Canadian government has an agenda to invite over a million immigrants into Canada within the next 3years and this is an opportunity for Tunisians to move to Canada to work. Getting a work visa in Canada is pretty easy as the country has over a hundred immigration programs that can offer you a work visa and also help you in getting permanent residence in Canada.

You just have to get the right Canadian work visa for you to be able to work in Canada but the question is how will you do this from Tunisia? If you are seeing this article, then it means that you actually want to work and live in Canada and you are wondering how you can get a Canadian work visa from Tunisia.

Well, let’s cut the chase and show you how you can go about it. It is quite easy if only you do the right thing and get the right information which is what we do at Westgatemigration.


There are two main types of work visa in Canada and you will have to pick the best one that suits you. We have the open work permit and the employer-specific work permit. We still have some programs under these types of work visa. So follow us as we give you full detail on how you can get a work visa in Canada from Tunisia in 2021.


Types Of Work Visa In Canada

Open Work Visa


The open work visa also called open work permit in some cases allows you to work for any employer in Canada. With this permit, you are not limited to a specific employer or job position when applying. You won’t need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

What is a LMIA?

This is a document issued to employers in Canada by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to employs foreign skilled workers to fill up labour shortages in Canada. This document is issued when it is certified that there are no Canadians or permanent resident willing and capable of taking up the job position.

Back to what we were discussing…

The open work permit is issued on certain occasions and based on some circumstances and though it might seem difficult, it is possible. You can apply for this permit through the International Mobility Program (IMP). This program allows employers in Canada to employ international temporary skilled workers to fill up labour shortages without needing a LMIA.

The employers will just have to go through a portal called the Employers’ Portal. This program is quite easy for the employers as they get to hire skilled workers easily and faster so definitely many employers in Canada opt for this option so you stand a chance to get a Canadian work visa from Tunisia. 

Let’s look at a work program under the open work permit. We have the Post Graduate Work Permit Program.

What is a Post Graduate Work Permit Program?

This program allows international students that have graduated from a designated institution of learning in or outside Canada to work for any employer in Canada. The program is open meaning that you don’t need a job offer to apply for the work visa and you get to work for any employer in Canada during the course of your schooling in Canada. It is always advised that foreign students should choose a lengthy study program to help them gain more Canadian work experience to apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) after completing the study program if you actually want to work and live in Canada which you will definitely want to after experiencing life in Canada.

Let’s put you through some requirements that make you eligible for the PGWPP…

  • You must have graduated from a public or private post-secondary school in any Canadian province (college, university or technical school)
  • You must have completed a study program at a Designated Institution of learning in Canada
  • You must have studied in Canada as a full-time student for at least 8 months
  • You must have a valid study permit when you are applying for the work permit
  • You must send the application for your work permit within 90 days of your graduation

There are many affordable universities and colleges in Canada so if you want to apply for a Canadian work visa through this program, you are good to go.

The Employer-Specific Work Visa

This permit limits you to a specific employer in Canada. With this permit, you will get to work to fill a job position and you will need a LMIA for this permit.

This permit is easy to get if you are a foreign skilled worker with work experience on an occupation in-demand in Canada. For you to be eligible for this work visa, you will need a job offer from an employer in Canada.

Let’s look at a work permit program under the Employer-specific work permit

Let’s briefly explain the program and show you how you can for this program from Tunisia…

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

This program is for employers in Canada that wants to hire temporary skilled foreign worker to fill up labour shortages in the country. The employers invite foreigners with specific skills in occupations that are in-demand in Canada to help boost the workforce in the country and also contribute to the growth and development of the country.

You should know that many employers favour this program and it is an opportunity for you to get a work visa in Canada easily if you are skilled in the areas that need workers.

Canada is aiming at continuous growth and development and seeing that the program will help the country in achieving this feat, the Canadian government also favours this program.

So you have your get away ticket to Canada from Tunisia if you apply through the temporary foreign workers permit.

There are three streams that you can apply through this program and so you have to know the stream that suits you to be eligible for a Canadian work visa. The streams are:

  • Global Talent Stream
  • Agricultural Stream
  • Caregivers
  • The Global Talent Stream

The GTS is for employers in Canada who want to hire professional workers from around the globe to help fill up shortages in labour. The Canadian government created this stream to boost the workforce of the country and contribute to the growth and development of Canada. if you are talented foreigner and have skills in some of the jobs on the GTS list of occupations in demand, you will certainly stand a chance to get a Canadian work visa. Employers love this stream as it even takes as short as two weeks to process.

The Global Talent Stream is divided into two categories and they are:

Category A

In this category, designated partners of the stream refer the employers in this category.

How are you eligible to apply for this category?

For you to be eligible for Category A:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a job in Canada
  • You must have a Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • You must have a clean criminal record and not be a threat to the Canada (security wise)
  • You must have a sound health
  • You will have to prove that you will leave the country at the expiration of your work permit
  • You must have enough funds to finance your stay in Canada

Category B

In this category, the employers are allowed to employ skilled foreign workers to fill up shortages in labour for occupations that are in-demand in the country under the Global Talent Stream List. Look at the table below to see if you have the skills that are needed for the occupations mentioned below. If you do have the skills, then you are one step away from getting your Canadian work visa from Tunisia. The occupations in demand under the GTS are software engineers and designers, website designers and developers, information system managers etc.

  • The Agricultural Stream

The agricultural stream allows you as a foreign skilled agricultural worker to come into Canada to fill up job positions in the agricultural sector of the country. This sector is very important in every nation and Canada is no exception. The agricultural sector is posed with the duty of providing food for the nation either for direct use or for export to get revenue. So this stream is a very important one that you can use to come into Canada from Tunisia if you are a skilled agricultural worker. You get to work for 24 months as a foreign worker going through this stream. This stream is regarded for low wage workers and the benefit of the stream is that your employer with take care of your transportation and housing if you apply through the stream.

  • The Caregivers

They are in-home caregivers that are hired by families in Canada through the Temporary Work Program for foreigners. They are employed to take care of children, older persons and also people with disabilities who have special medical needs. For you to be eligible, you must meet some of the requirements we will be listing below:

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must be a full-time caregiver (minimum of 30hrs per week)
  • You must meet the requirements of the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
  • You must be willing to live in the place you work or carry out your duties

If you meet the conditions and requirements set by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as a foreign caregiver, you can become a permanent residence of Canada.


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