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Most times life doesn’t come as planned. As a college student or teenager growing up, there might be some plans you have to either become a full scaled company worker such as a doctor, accountant, company developer etc. While this plans have 50% chances of coming into reality, they also have 50% chances of not coming into reality. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work towards some other goals or you should give up in your goals. But while you work on getting jobs in a company, there are some other things you can be doing to help you raise money and earn a living without a company job. This is where the idea of passive income comes in.

Passive income is a small job or side hustle you can do to make money. Most times this passive income, if properly organized can be scaled into in full income business and a big company. So today, we will be using this article to list out some current passive income business you can venture into as a side hustle or as a source of income.

List of Top 10 Passive Income Business You Can Work on

Here is the list of top passive income businesses you can do to earn a living without a company job :



The first on our list is blogging because of its high presence and importance online. Blogging can be a good source of income if done the right way. You just need to be a good content creator and work only on a niche you know much about. To stand out in blogging you need to be very creative and unique and also because of the high presence of mobile phone users, blogging has become a very profitable business over the years. You can also monetize your blog using services like adsense, sponsored post or using affiliate programs.

Online Tutorial

earn a living without a company job

The next on our list is online tutorials. This is a very profitable business if you have something important to teach other people like Forex trading, coding, website creation etc. Also, you need to monetize this service properly to make more money.

Forex Trading

earn a living without a company job

Forex trading is also a profitable business that comes with risk as well. To venture and be successful with Forex trading, you need learn the skill and understand the in and out of Forex trading. There are so many people online that have made money using Forex trading and also, you can as well teach other people you skills and get paid for it.



Freelancing your skills is another good way to make money online. You only need to learn a skill and be good at it. Then you sign up on freelancing networks such as fiverr, upwork, seoclerk and start monetizing your skills. You can make a lot of money from this if you do it in the right way and manner.

Start a youtube channel

Having a YouTube channel can help you become popular and make money you money. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with lots of users steadily checking for new and old contents. You can start making videos about your skills or lifestyle and monetize them by signing up for YouTube monetization programs.

Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best passive income business you can venture into. This business offers you commission for every product you sell for the company. You can sign up for affiliate programs using platforms like clickbank. Also, almost all companies online have affiliate programs linked to them. You only need to contact them to ask about their affiliate program and how you can promote it.

WordPress installation service

WordPress installation service is a profitable business for those that understand the in and out of wordpress and can help people fix wordpress problems. If you have this skills, you can monetize yourself using fiverr, upwork or even sell your skills on facebook.

Graphic and video editing

graphic designing

Graphic and video editing is a high in demand service currently because a lot of companies are going deep into advertising, so they need high quality converting videos and images to help them boost their advertising both online and offline.

Skit & Comedy making On instagram

Skit and comedy making is a current hot trend now on instagram. You can setup a video crew or simply make funny videos on instagram with your phone. When your followers increase to a substantial amount, you can decide to monetize your page with other peoples products.

Dropshipping products

The last on our list is dropshipping. Dropshipping is the act of buying a product from the producer and selling to the consumer without even seeing the products. Most online companies that can be used for dropshipping include ebay, amazon, alibaba etc.


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