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How To Immigrate to Canada from Angola


Immigrate to Canada from Angola – Hey Angolans, this period provides you with one of the best opportunities to immigrate to Canada from Angola.  Canada provides thousands of job opportunities and social systems that is the envy of many other countries around the world, with free standard healthcare for all Canadians and permanent residents and free school for all children under the age of eighteen. If you are an Angolan national, either skilled or semi-skilled, this is the right time to start a new life in a diverse community that comprises of a booming economy and also interested in offering you the right value for your expertise.

Reasons Why you should immigrate to Canada from Angola

Here are some of the common reasons why you should consider immigrating to Canada from Angola


If you are in need of a country that has the best health care system and offers them for free to their citizen, then you should be considering moving to Canada. Canada has one of the best health care system in the world, its hospitals are well equipped with the best equipment’s and facilities needed to keep the residents in good health.

Canada has a decentralized, universal and publicly funded health care system known as Canadian Medicare. The health care is well funded and administered majorly by the country’s thirteen provinces and territories. Each of them has their own insurance plan, and each of them get cash assistance from the federal government on a per-capita basis. So if you are interested in immigrating to Canada, be rest assured that your health care will be in the right hands.


When you research on the list of top best schools in the world, you will notice that most schools you get on the list are from Canada. This is not a mistake. Canada have done a lot of hard work to improve their educational system. Schools in Canada are well equipped with the right equipment, facilities and staffs. That is why a lot of foreign nationals are interested in schooling in Canada. Additionally, schooling in Canada exposes you to lots of job opportunities inside and outside Canada. Certificates from designated learning institutions in Canada are well recognized in different parts of the world.

Lastly, during your studies in Canada, you stand a better chance of working and later applying for permanent residence. Acquiring a permanent residence, gives you a better opportunity of becoming a Canadian citizen in future.


A country that offers you one of the best educational system, free high standard healthcare, job opportunities and a community with little to no crime record is definitely offering you a quality lifestyle. There are only few countries in the world that can boast of this kind of quality lifestyle and Canada tops the list.


Canadians do share some important and unique values such as pride, a belief in equality and diversity, and respect for each other. It is these values that make Canada to be referred as a friendly, peace-loving, and secure place in the world to live.


Incase you are wondering if you will be accepted in Canada, then you have nothing to worry about. This is because the Canadian community is multicultural. What this means is that, there are a lot of people in Canada that come from different parts of the world and with different cultures. Making Canada a home for all. Another important thing to note is that Canadians are peace loving people and always willing to accept a new immigrant into their community.


In Canada, you will find some of the best job opportunities that aren’t present in any other part of the world. Also, the Canadian economy is currently in need of more labor force to meet with its demand. If you are a skilled or non-skilled worker, you stand a better chance of immigrating to Canada if your skill or profession is in demand.

How Do I Get to Canada?

There are a lots of different immigration pathways that will help you on your journey to becoming a permanent resident and even a citizen in Canada. The best thing you can do is to secure a valid job offer, after which you can apply for a Temporary Work Permit:

Temporary Work Permit Requirements

To get a good temporary work permit,

  • your employer should have a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment;
  • They must provide a copy of the Labor market impact assessment along with a job offer letter.
  • Once you have them in your possession, you will be required to complete all the required forms and submit them.

Once you have acquired your work permit you can then begin your journey. For some immigration programs, such as that of the Provincial Nomination Program, you can apply for permanent residency at the same time you applied for work permit, as you will have a provincial nomination. For other immigration programs, such as the Agri-food Immigration Pilot, you will be required to first get a minimum of one year working experience in Canada before you will be eligible to submit your application for permanent residency. – Immigrate to Canada from Angola

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