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How To Read For Longer Hours While At Home or At The Library

Reading for longer hours can be very stressful if done the wrong way. Though most people find it easy to read for longer hours with full concentration others do not find this easy, which can be as a result of poor reading habit. Been successful in life and things you do works with your ability to read properly. Whether you are a student seeking to pass an exam or you are full time worker looking to improve in your skills, developing a good reading habit will help you achieve this faster and easier.

So in this article I will be explaining how you can read for a longer period using few steps I used in improving my reading hours.

How To Read For Longer Hours While At Home or At The Library

Here are few steps you can implement, that will help you read for longer hours without feeling tired easily and they include:

Have A study plan


The first step to reading for longer hours is having a study plan. This will help you stay organized with your reading and you wont have to struggle with what you should be reading at a particular time. Your study plan can be a time table with a list of all the courses and books you intend studying for the month coupled with the days of the week you will be attending to them. You will need to make this plan very clear, defined and easy to achieve. Having more than two different courses to study in a day might be a way too much for you. So you should be considering have just one or two courses or books per day.

Have A To Do List

to do list

The next step is having a “to do list” to guide you for the day. This list should contain all the topics you will be looking at in a course or all the chapters you will be studying in a text book. Your to do list should be also simple and easy to accomplish. You shouldn’t be handling more than three course per day as this might be too much for you and might lead to forgetting what you learnt first.

Wear a comfortable cloth

Read For Longer Hours

Another point you need to look at is your mode of dressing when you want to study. You should be putting on conducive cloths that will let you read better in any environment. This cloth can be a simple t-shirt and jean trousers. Back then in school I had a set of different simple cloths I love to put on to the library. When ever I am on those cloths, my body system gets conditioned to reading and studying. This made me love reading and studying for long hours a day.

Take Regular reading breaks

Studying can be very boring and tiring sometimes. This mostly happens when the course seems difficult to understand at first. You can place regular reading breaks to help your brain relax a little and also keep you refreshed for the next round of reading. You can spend your break eating , taking a long walk or just doing something different from reading.

Change Your study location

Read For Longer Hours

If you find your reading boring, you can consider changing your location to another place. Changing your location can help you build a new refreshed mood and that gradual walk from one place to another, can help your brain in relaxing and assimilating more information.

Get Enough Sleep

Read For Longer Hours

Just as your reading is very important, taking care of your body system is also very important. You should be willing to have enough sleep before and after reading. This will help you keep your body, mind and soul together. Also, good sleep will help your brain in storing and remembering information easily.


If you find this article interesting, do your best to leave us with a positive note using the comment section below and also tell us about your plans to master reading for longer hours your own way.

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