HTML and CSS Book For Designing and Building Websites By John Wiley

Every upcoming web designers dream is to become a professional web designer in a short period of time, but not every upcoming web designer is able to achieve this goal in a short period of time. Some end up not achieving this goal in life. This maybe because, they were not equipped with the right knowledge needed to become a professional web designer, or they were not going through the right sources needed to acquire the professional web design skills.

There are so many reasons why we have more and more people willing to learn HTML and CSS today. Some of which are interested in acquiring jobs related to web design, while the rest are interested in using the coding skills to improve their blog design to what ever design they want.

Lots of books teaching web design topics such as HTML and CSS are very boring to read. This is because they do not go through the necessary teaching and explanation pattern needed to help the readers understand and always remember what they learnt. That is why this book on HTML and CSS takes an entirely new approach in explaining bit by bit with the necessary visualizations, all you need to know about HTML and CSS.

Important Features Of This Book

Some of the important and interesting features you get to learn from this book includes:

  • This book introduces HTML and CSS in a pattern that makes them easily understandable by a beginner in web design.
  • This book utilizes visuals on graphics and lifestyle photography to explain in details all the topics associated to HTML and CSS.
  • This book will help boost a beginners knowledge in HTML and CSS to professional level.

This book is for

  • Web designers and programmers
  • Online web editors and content creators
  • Marketing & e-commerce managers
  • Bloggers and website managers

Using This book, You will learn how to Write

  • HTML and CSS3 codes
  • Structure beautiful web pages and beautiful websites
  • Add beautiful images, audio, and video to your web pages
  • Control the typography and layout of your website

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