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Best Practice To Improve Your Brain Memory

As we grow old, due to the constant noise, distractions and ageing, we tend to observe a constant decline in our brains ability to recall things and activities. This signs can be as small as constantly forgetting where you kept objects, constantly forgetting the names of items and people, and can get as severe as constantly forgetting faces of those you came in contact with.

Memory loss is common among the elderly people, but that doesn’t mean you cant find them in younger ones. However, there are simple best practices you can carry out to improve your brain memory:


Eating more sugar have been proven to be related to causing many health issues and chronic diseases which includes memory impairment and severe cognitive decline. Research has shown that a sugar filled diet can lead to poor memory functionality and reduced brain power, particularly in the section of the brain that stores short-term memory.


Lack of sleep have always been linked to increase in memory loss and human break down. The human body needs rest for proper functioning and one of the proper ways of getting the body to rest is by having enough sleep. Sleep has an important role in memory consolidation, a process which strengthens short term brain memory and transforms them into long term brain memory. Research has clearly shown that if you deprive your body of sleep, you would be negatively impacting your memory and can lead to severe brain damage in the long run.


Fish supplement are rich and saturated with omega 3 fatty acids which helps to increase the brain power and reduce memory loss. The fats present in omega 3 include eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These fatty acids are very important for human health and have shown to lower the risk of blood and heart disease, stress relieve and improvement, human mental deterioration.


Ensuring you maintain a balanced and healthy weight is one of the best ways of keeping your body and mind in shape. There are several published online studies that have linked obesity to cognitive decline. Obesity can affect the memory related genes and can also lead to inflammation of the insulin which can cause problems to the brain memory.


Alcohol is good for the body but taking excess alcohol can have a severe impact on the brain functionality and memory. A study of 155 students, shows that students that spend time consuming six and above drinks within a short time period, found it extremely difficult to recall answers to questions asked in a memory recall text compared to students who never drank.


Exercise helps to develop both mental and physical health. Everyone is expected to carry out exercise on a daily basis and also go out for sporting activities maybe three or more times in a week. Research studies has clearly shown that exercise is beneficial for the brain and will help improve memory in people of all ages, ranging from kids to older adults.


Exercise the brain by going through task that require lots of brain activeness such as thinking and remembering. This will help you improve your cognitive skills and also help you reduce any form of memory deterioration.

A study involving students with cognitive issues shows that playing brain challenging games on mobiles phones for 8 hours a week lead to improvements in their brain memory.

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