Introduction to JavaScript and its Importance

Hello! Welcome to our JavaScript course where we will be introducing JavaScript to you as an object oriented language which gives more functionalities and meaning to other languages like HTML and CSS. We have other tutorials on different courses in HTML and CSS and you can simply learn them using the link below

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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting dynamic computer programming language used to add more functionalities to web page thereby allowing web page users to interact perfectly with the web page.

Client Side JavaScript

Client side JavaScript is a form of JavaScript which allows the script to be included in the HTML web page so that the static HTML web page becomes dynamic and interactive to the users.

JavaScript makes it possible for users to carry out events on the web page such as clicking and getting a result, watching of movies, playing of games, running of applications such as calculators etc.

Why you should Learn JavaScript?

There are different reasons why you should learn JavaScript as a web developer and they include:

  1. JavaScript is the most popularly used programming language in the world. As a JavaScript developer you have greater opportunities in creating beautiful front end and backend software’s using JavaScript frameworks such as Node.JS, jQuery, react, angular, ember.js polymer, vue.js etc.
  2. JavaScript is supported by all web browsers unlike other languages. By default, JavaScript is installed on all modern browsers which makes it possible to learn JavaScript without the use of any special environment.
  3. JavaScript helps to transform your static website design skills into fully functional dynamic website that comes with beautiful and interesting functionalities.
  4. As a JavaScript developer, there are tons of jobs available for you due to high demand for web development, and this jobs pay high amount of money monthly and yearly.

Advantages of JavaScript

Some of the advantages of making use of JavaScript include:

  • Less server interaction: JavaScript reduces the interactivity between users and the web page. For example, with the help of JavaScript, the inputs of a user can be cross checked for validation before sending it to the server.
  • Immediate feedback to the users: JavaScript gives immediate feedback to the users when carrying out an action. For example JavaScript can help identify a wrong information in a user’s input without reloading the page.
  • Better interactivity: JavaScript can be used to create interface that interacts with the users example JavaScript can be used to create games on web page, calculators etc
  • Beautiful functional interface:  JavaScript gives the web page dynamic features such as drag and drop features, sliders etc.

Limitations of JavaScript

JavaScript has lots of advantages as well as limitations. Some of the limitations in the use of JavaScript include:

  • JavaScript does not come with a multi-threading or multi-processing functionality.
  • JavaScript is limited and can’t be used for networking operations .
  • The client side JavaScript do not support the reading and writing of files .


Before jumping into the start of this course, please be aware that you must have knowledge of the following:

  • How to create folders in a computer.
  • How to stored files in folders or directories.
  • How to navigate through different folders and directories.
  • Basic understanding of text editors such as vs-code, note pad++ etc.
  • Basic understanding of web browsers.
  • Developing simple web pages using HTML.
  • Understand the basics of object oriented programming concept.
  • Basic idea on how online application works.

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