How i Increased My Website Traffic in One Month Using Backlinks

Hello, this is a short tutorial on how you can increase your website traffic in one month using backlinks and I will be giving you a case study about how I managed to increase one of my websites traffic in one month using only backlinks.

My story

I started up my website last year and wrote a lot of content on it, after four months, I had up to 100 quality contents on my website but I wasn’t getting enough traffic and search visibility. It was a frustrating moment for me because I wasn’t getting the result I wanted and I needed improvement at all cost. I tried checking out different ways to improve my website traffic and was able to come up with a plan after going through some YouTube videos. I checked out my competitors websites and noticed we all have good contents but something was missing out on mine.

After intensive research and nights of pains and depressing thoughts I noticed my website wasn’t having any backlink which helps sends trust flow and also signals to search engines about my website content. So I needed other websites to offer me backlinks so I can have search visibility.

Website Traffic
My website performance after backlink implementation


Since backlinks was one of the properties my website was really lacking behind on, I decided to source for backlinks from the right sources. I asked some questions on forums and blogging groups on WhatsApp and Facebook and I got more than enough information on how to go about getting good and quality backlinks. The best and effective information I received was getting backlinks from a website known as seoclerk. This website is a market place for mostly freelancers and those in need of help on online services such as website,seo, graphic design , video editing, bulk emailing and a lot more. I looked through the website and noticed there are a lot of people selling different services and also a lot selling backlinks. So I confirmed from the blogging groups I belong to on facebook and I was referred to three quality backlinks sources available on seoclerk.

The sellers of this backlinks are having the usernames:

  • Vfmseo
  • Aaronseo
  • seoboyz

I bought some backlinks from all the sellers listed about and my result was really amazing after a month. i started seeing increase in my daily traffic from google searches and it as well increased my earnings on adsense.

Please note that i am not in anyway affiliated with this guys and i am recommending them because of the improvement they have done to me and my blogging career.



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