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Review of Canada 2020 Immigration Application and Processing


Review of Canada 2020 Immigration Application and Processing – A lot of changes have taking place during the 2020 immigration process in Canada. A lot where affected due to the negative impact of coronavirus. However, there were lots of visa application in 2020 and the immigration service is doing all their best to attend to all. Using this article, we will be explaining some important events that took place in 2020 and how they affect immigration to Canada for foreign nationals. 

Changes To The Express Entry Draws

Its no longer new that Canada is interested in inviting immigrants to apply for permanent resident in Canada every month. In fact, there have been about 34 express entry draws over the past few years. But due to the impact of covid19, there have been delays in processing and accepting new immigrants through this program.

Changes To the Canadian Citizenship

Canada now allows non biological Canadian parents who are a child’s legal parent pass down their citizenship to the kid. This change too place recently. Initially, the citizenship act only allows foreign born children who are linked genetically to a Canadian parent become citizens automatically.

Extension of temporary residence permit

Due to the negative impact of coronavirus, Canada recently announced an extension of time for persons with permanent resident permit.

Travel restrictions

Canada introduced restrictions on travel bans on april 2020 to help reduced the spread of coronavirus. This restriction is temporary and have been adjusted so many times throughout the year.

Exemptions to work permit terms

In may 2020, there was an introduction of a new work permit policy that allows temporary workers that are present in Canada with a valid work permit to work without the permit.


Increase in immigration Processing times

There have been an increase in the visa processing time. This is due to the travel restrictions that have also affected passport application, refugees, immigration and citizenship. But have it in mind that each visa program comes with a different application process and processing time.


2021 Expectations From the Canadian immigration service

On the 30th of October 2020, the Canadian immigration minister publicly announced interest in acquiring over 401,000 permanent resident in 2021. This part of the initiative Canada intends using to improve and promote their economy through the use of foreign nationals. Checking back on the previous administration, you can clearly notice the changes in the number of immigrants allowed to move to Canada. Note that immigrants expected must be highly skilled and goal oriented and they should be willing to impact the economy in a positive way.

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