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    What’s a term that describes an agreement between two parties?

    • racketeering
    • contract
    • bribe
    • acceptance
    • law
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    A judge should be _____ during a court hearing.

    • prejudice
    • impartial
    • drunk
    • Double standard
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    Which phrase best describes “cross examination”?

    • when a lawyer stops praying during a court trial
    • when a lawyer questions a witness from the opposing side
    • when the judge crosses the case file
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    If you ask a higher court to reconsider the decision of a lower court, what do you file?

    • An appeal
    • A contract
    • A soliloquy
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    What is “natural justice”?

    • In a court case, hungry wild lions should be allowed to punish offenders
    • In a legal situation, every one should be treated fairly
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    What’s a term that describes a legal guideline that was established by previous decisions?

    • precedent
    • law
    • constitution
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    What word refers to someone who files a lawsuit?

    • Accuser
    • Defendant
    • Plaintiff
    • Money-grabber
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    If you offer sworn statements during a _____, you’d better make sure that your words are true.

    • Deposition
    • Interrogation
    • Inquisition
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    What’s a term for a serious crime?

    • Felony
    • Illegal
    • Public urination
    • Misdemeanor
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    What’s a word for a person accused of wrongdoing?

    • Defendant
    • Accuser
    • Opponent
    • Prosecutor
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    Why would a lawyer write a “brief”?

    • To make his case with the court
    • To insult his opponent
    • To fight his opponent
    • Because a “long” is too lengthy
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    What are “laws”?

    • A series of rules for the community
    • A crime for criminals
    • A charge for criminals
    • A guide for accusers
    • A type of knock-knock jokes
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    What’s a word that describes written law?

    • Tort
    • Statute
    • Diligence
    • Document
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    What is a printed statement made under oath?

    • Constitution
    • Affidavit
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    What does “malfeasance” mean?

    • A judge gave you a sentence
    • You did something wrong
    • A judge gave you a stance
    • A prosecutor lost the case
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    What is a judgment of guilt against a defendant?

    • Conviction
    • Belief
    • Hanging
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    What’s the term that describes all non-criminal law?

    • Civil law
    • Uncivil law
    • Unnatural law
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    What’s the purpose of a “title”?

    • To prove ownership
    • To prove marriage
    • To prove importance
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    The “rule of law” is meant to apply to whom?

    • Everyone
    • The rich
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    What’s a “tort”?

    • Damages made to another party
    • A prison term
    • A prison sentence
    • A case file
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    Which procedure do lawyers use to gather evidence before trial?

    • Discovery
    • Interrogation
    • Navigation
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    A restraining order is a type of ________.

    • provisional remedy
    • house arrest
    • joke
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    What sparks a lawsuit?

    • Cause of action
    • Mens rea
    • Adjective law
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    “Chapter 13” refers to which concept?

    • Bankruptcy
    • Robbery
    • Bribery
    • Batery
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    What’s a defining trait of a “prima facie case”?

    • The fact seem to immediately proof the case
    • It involves primadonna
    • A judge refuses to review the case
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    What does an “injunction” do?

    • Stops a party from taking an action
    • Create a new corporation
    • Sentences a defendant to prison
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    True or false, is a misdemeanor less serious than a felony?

    • True
    • False
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    What does a “docket” describe?

    • The history of a court case
    • The cause of filing a law suit
    • The criminal record of a plaintiff
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    In a demurrer, what does a defendant ask of the judge?

    • To dismiss the law suit
    • To imprison the plaintiff
    • To consider a death sentence
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    What’s the word for a judge’s decision?

    • Verdict
    • Service of process
    • Warrant

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