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Great Important Steps To Become Successful Faster

The dream of virtually everyone is to become successful in life. Most of us got successful mentors we love to be like. I have seen lots of people hoping and dreaming to be like great people such as footballers for example christiano ronaldo, lionel messi, hazard etc or great rich men such as jeff bezos, bill gates, warren buffet etc. But can we get to such level this men have attained ? The question “is there anything this men know that the unsuccessful ones do not know” ? Or are there short tricks to become successful overnight that only the elite know about? Hmmmm!

Truthfully, there is no simple life trick or hack that can get you successful overnight. No information hidden anywhere about overnight success. But there are certain strict steps you can take to help you organize, understand and improve your chances of becoming successful with your career goals. The below great steps will give you a new insight on how you can work and achieve your career success faster:


The first step to achieve success is to map out a good and achievable concrete goal. This goal should interest you and attain your focus. This should be something you think about most of the time and achieving it should be a breakthrough for you.

The reason why most serious students do well in their exams is because from the beginning of the semester, their major goal has been to pass the end semester exam. They have that in mind as their focus and have been working tirelessly during the semester to achieve that goal.

Life is like a School though a bigger one, and to achieve success in it, we have to use the same ideas and steps the successful students use in school. We have to map out achievable goals and ensure we get them done.


Now we have mapped out a concrete goal and we have our focus on it, the next step we should take now is to establish a good routine that will lead us to that goal and stick to it.

The premium step a typical successful college student uses in school to make good grades in exams is by creating a good reading routine and sticking to it. This routine can be a simple reading time table with all the courses they offer and sometimes, they move as far as having an activity time table that guides them on what they should be doing at a particular time of the day.

Picking ideas from the typical successful college student, its important we make our goals and the routines to achieve these goals achievable. Do not exaggerate or create routines that will be very tough for you to stick to. Make your routines simple and easy to achieve withing a specific period of time.


One of the hindrance you can have in achieving your goals is your daily routines. There is a saying that what you will become in life lies in your daily routine and what you do with your time. If you want to be successful, you must do away with things that will hinder you from becoming successful . Those things you spend a lot of time with that are not productive and seems to be only time wasting. Example of such things include: spending so much time on social media, or playing games or even chatting and discussing irrelevant issues, or even reading books that are not adding to your productive lifestyle. Do away with all this and focus more on only relevant activities that are related to achieving your goals.


Many successful people have this in common. They have a mentor they watch and copy part of their lifestyles from. This is also a good idea but ensure that when choosing s mentor, you should go with someone having similar goals as yours. For example, if you plan having great success in your exams, you should be seeking the most successful person in your class or an upper class as a mentor. Be friends with them, replicate their reading habit and be sure you will be successful like them soon.


This is an important aspect that you should take seriously. You have to learn to say NO and stop trying to please everybody. There is a saying that if you want to please everyone and make them happy, you should be selling ice cream. But the interesting side of this saying is that, even those that sell ice cream cannot please everyone.

Trying to please everyone by becoming the Yes saying person can have a negative effect on your goals success rate. So you should be willing to say NO to some decisions that you find unwilling to achieve.


Human mistakes and error is inevitable. Truthfully, the more you go out of your comfort zone towards becoming an entrepreneur, the higher the tendency of you encountering failures and making more mistakes. Since making mistakes is common, the best thing you can do as a follow up is learning from your mistakes. You should be able to recall all the steps taken, and be able to pin point suspected steps that must have been the source of the mistake.

If you want to be successful, you shouldn’t allow mistakes and failure crush you. instead you should be willing to see mistakes and failures as a new opportunity to look at the other side of things and take a different step.


If you treat life like a school and follow the successful student lifestyle, you will have higher chances of becoming successful. Mind you, most successful men we see today follow this strict rules and if you really want to be like them you should be willing to follow this same rules and even do more. Lastly, its not all about reading and knowing the rules, its more about taking action.

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