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Which Student Loan Is Best For International Students In Canada?


Student Loan For International Students – According to statistical report gotten from the Canadian bureau for international education, over 642480 students from international countries studied in Canada in the year 2019. This has brought about over 185% hike in the population of foreign students since 2010.

Canada is ranked 4th most well-known study and schooling location for foreign nationals after countries like united states, china, united kingdom etc.

Why Canada is Ranked 4th Best Study Location In The World?

Who doesn’t love a better educational service and conducive environment? According to official report, Canada is one of the leading countries with high standard of living and great economic abundance. This have positively affected the educational system. Leaving it with standard equipment’s and rich educational resources needed to impact the lives of scholars and also to help them achieve their career goals.

Safety in Canada

Canada is well known for its low crime rate. This is because of the rules and regulations laid down by the government regarding security in the country and also the fact Canadians are known to be peace and loving people.

Canada is also known as a tolerant country when it comes to issues of nationality, race, skin color etc. Making it a safe place for students trying to avoid the negative effect of racial discrimination.

Funding Programs For International Students In Canada

Organizations Such as IEFA.ORG aims to connect international students with loan sources without the need for collateral, cosigners or any credit history. These student loans are available to scholars from over one hundred and ninety countries who are currently undergoing an educational program in any institution in Canada.


The loans can be effectively used to sort out fees such as accommodation, tuition, feeding, books, insurance etc.


Benefits of Student loans for international students in Canada

  • Does not require any form of collateral, cosigners or the need for credit history.
  • Available to students from over one hundred and ninety countries.
  • Can be gotten with fixed interest rate.
  • Available to undergraduate and postgraduate scholars
  • Available to scholars schooling in any of the three hundred plus schools present in Canada and United States.

How To Apply For Student Loans as an International Student in Canada

  • Check for the eligibility of your school and program here
  • Fill up and complete the online application process
  • Acceptance of conditional offer after submitting the loan application
  • Upload the necessary documents and wait for final application approval.
  • Lastly, your educational enrollment status with the loan providing organization after which the loan funds will be sent to your school.

How Much does international student loan cost?

Note that loan cost depends on the organization issuing the loan and other factors behind the loan process. Different organizations have different loan cost. Click below to learn more about student loans in Canada




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