• Apply for University of Southampton Undergraduate Merit Awards

    Apply for University of Southampton Undergraduate Merit Awards 2021

    Scholarship Applications are currently open for international scholars interested in undergoing an undergraduate program at the University of Southampton. This scholarship allows scholars willing to undertake courses in the field of art and humanity that are taught at the University of Southampton UK. This is an open scholarship with no deadline specified. Brief history about […] More

  • Effect Of Coronavirus On Australian Immigration Service
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    Effect Of Coronavirus On Australian Immigration Service

    Australia which is one of the greatest nations attracting lots of immigrant yearly has seen a dip fall and a break to its immigration program due to the presence and rise in the number of people affected by the noble coronavirus. This has forced the country into modifying and implement strict measures to help curtail […] More

  • studying in uk

    The Real Cost Of Studying In UK

    Studying in UK comes with no fixed cost or hidden charges. Some important factors such as the college you intend to study in and the course you are interested in applying for determines the cost of studying in United Kingdom. Another important factor that plays a major role in the cost of studying in UK […] More

  • australia skilled visa
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    Easy Way To Get an Australian Skilled Visa In 2020

    The Australian skilled visa is issued to applicants with skills that are currently in demand. There are high demand for some specific skilled labor, which makes it difficult for those with other types of skills that are currently not in demand. The skilled occupation list is a program setup by the Australian government which consist […] More

  • living in uk

    Complete Details about Living in UK

    Living in UK is quite different from what the regular foreign person is thinking of or expecting it to be like. Most people immigrate to the UK in search for greener pasture or a better living and lifestyle. Most times what they meet over there in United Kingdom is not what they plan for and […] More

  • UK visa application

    Understanding the Guide Behind UK Visa Application

    There are lots of implications which makes getting a UK visa seem difficult for those trying to immigrate down to United Kingdom. However, if you fully understand how the system really works, it will help you save a lot of stress and energy. The first step towards getting to UK is working out the type […] More

  • austalia visa process
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    The Process Involved In qualifying for an Australian Visa

    Migrating to Australia will require you to qualify for an Australia visa which comes with steps and includes completing an Australian visa application form, which is kind of complex and little bit of time-consuming. Luckily, we’re here to help. We probably won’t have the option to fix it for you, yet we can give you […] More