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The Employment Opportunity Present in Canada


Having a job or searching for employment in Canada before you apply for emigration visa can really help you achieve a greater success in your visa application. If you successfully get a Canadian employer provide you with a written offer for full-time permanent position, you will be qualified for the employment visa or for the province-level provincial nomination programs. This options will also help you process a permanent residency, so anytime you spend looking for a Canadian employment before you start planning for any move Is a time well spent.

The Canada job market is perceived as been challenging for immigrants so its advice able you get seek for work from your home country before arriving Canada. It also means you are arriving Canada without been confused on what to do and also with a life already available for you.

Employment in Canada

When compared to some of the employment situations we find in other countries, we can simply conclude that the employment standards in Canada is more favorable.  We have about 7.3% and 7.2% unemployment present in countries like USA and UK. (Source: CIA World Factbook) That of Canada lies at about 7.1% unemployment rate. The economy of Canada is growing at a fast pace and that has also resulted in the employment ratio decreasing at a fast pace too. In some states or province such as Alberta, the employment rate has dropped down to 4.5% or lower and we still have some industries over there that are currently in need of staffs. These industries are also willing to seek staffs from overseas and if you possess the right skill, you will definitely be employed.

In Canada, there is high demand for skilled workers in industries such as energy, construction, manufacturing etc. In the rural areas, there is shortage of supply and high demand for skilled tradesmen such as the welders and electricians.

Finding a Job

If you are in need of job from Canada, you can simply use platforms such as and other online job platforms such as to check for available spaces. Some of this platforms can also help you get jobs if you are outside Canada and they also provide information on Canada immigration.

There is also a detailed list of employers from Canada that are interested in employing foreign workers in which some times, this employers make up the list on the basis of just a single hire.


The best way is to see your Canada work as just an extension of you existing career plan. If you are in the electrical or industrial section, you are highly needed in Canada. You only need to look for companies in Canada currently searching for men to fill up specific spaces.


Work Once You’re in Canada

If you are already in Canada and you are in need of a job, the process is almost similar but far better than if you are away from Canada. If you don’t have a strong and marketable skill, you might experience little difficulty.

The final option for a foreigner is to go to Canada without the proper visa. If you happen to be from United Kingdom, you don’t need a visa for the first 6 months in Canada. You can simply move down to Canada to make survey and make contacts with potential employers or networks which will improve your marketability.


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