10 Things You Must Know Before Travelling To Germany

Germany is also part of the most visited European country around the world. This is due to its beautiful environment, high technology, educational system, work experience, culture and friendliness etc.  

There are so many people wishing to move down to this country, if you are one of them, then this is the right article that will expose you to some of the little and important things you need to know about Germany before moving down there.

10 Things You Must Know Before Travelling To Germany

  1. The first thing you must be aware of before travelling to Germany is that Germany is not an English speaking country. Most of the locals and residents there speak German, though you might find few speaking English, especially those working at residential areas and offices. So for effective communication, you are expected to learn how to speak and understand the basics of German before travelling to Germany
  2. Germany has a lot of love for pets. Pets such as dogs and cats are seen everywhere even on the streets and you are not allowed to mistreat them for any reason. You might find yourself facing law suits just for mistreating or threatening a pet in Germany.
  3. Smoking in Germany is as common as eating your morning meal. Almost everyone smokes in Germany and even students in school. So you should be prepared for this experience in case you are allergic to the smell of cigarettes.
  4. Getting a job in Germany solely depends on your educational background.  To qualify for a job interview, you must have good educational background. Germany places more on educational background than working experience. So ensure you seek the right education before applying for a job in Germany.
  5. Taxes in Germany is taken very serious. In fact there are high taxes awaiting you if you are thinking of running a business in Germany. The associated expenses will keep coming in in different forms such as obligatory payments, rights of workers etc.
  6. Getting a foreign food in Germany is very difficult unlike countries like the United States. Most of the food present in Germany are German foods or Italian delicacies.
  7. Get ready to shop and stock your homes for the weekends. Most shopping’s are done before Sunday because most market places and stores will be closed on Sunday. So if you are interested in getting food or anything, you should be doing so before Sunday.
  8. Finding a place to stay in Germany is really difficult. So if you intend living in a big city in Germany, it’s expected you make it clear to your agent to start looking for a suitable place for you, so you don’t find it tough when you get there. Most homes in big cities are already filled up so planning ahead by asking for reservations is simply the right step to take.
  9. Products you find in Germany are mostly German made and they are always long lasting. Germany has a good record for producing quality and long lasting products, they also export their products down to other countries around the world.
  10. Germany has a lot of rules and this rules must be obeyed if you want to survive in Germany. Though some of this rules might not be favorable to you, you must look for a way to adapt to them for your own interest.

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