UK Prepares Ahead Of Mass Immigration from Hong Kong Citizens

UK Prepares Ahead Of Mass Immigration from Hong Kong Residents – Last summer, Beijing imposed a national security order on Hong Kong which resulted to counter reactions from the UK government. The UK decided to grant preferential immigration status to millions of Hong Kong citizens who are interested and willing to immigrate to United Kingdom. Some of those who will be benefiting from this gesture includes:

  • Hong Kong citizens born before the 1997 handover to Chinese and also fully registered for the British national overseas status.
  • According to unofficial report, population of Hong Kong citizens eligible for this offer range up to three million out of Hong Kong’s over seven million population. However the scope and processes involved in this immigration process weren’t clear as at last year.

According to Wall Street journal report, the U.K government have made it official and recently announced that it has opened its doors to five million Hong Kong residents willing to immigrate to United Kingdom. They will also be given preferential treatment when applying for British citizenship. Over two million Hong Kong residents are currently holding the  BNO status while others dependents can become eligible for this immigration offer if they apply for the new visa for Hong Kong BNO status.

The United Kingdom said they were expecting over three hundred thousand residents from Hong Kong to accept this offer and start their immigration and citizenship process in the next five years.

 The WSJ says, putting that into context:

That would dwarf the existing Hong Kong born population in the U.K., which a 2011 census put at just over 100,000. The visa offer is open to about 70% of Hong Kong’s population and could trigger capital outflows of $75 billion from Hong Kong over five years, estimates Bank of America Corp.

Beijing Retaliates – Says It Will No Longer Recognize BNO passports

On Friday, Beijing announced it has ceased recognition of the British national overseas passport as a form of identification or travel document. It also criticized the immigration offer from the UK government. Saying it’s an infringement on china’s sovereignty. The result of this announcement was unclear because of a lot of Hong Kong residents are currently holding multiple passports.  

After the 2019 protest that went violent and also placed the city into several months of crisis, Beijing decided to harden its stance on Hong Kong. Since then, a lot of pro-democracy activist have been arrested by the government and also young residents who are leaders of the movement have either been jailed or have fled the state.

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